$900 Economic Stimulus plan passed through Parliament!


So the $900 is coming our way!! Economic stimulus package is pretty stimulating that’s for sure. Looks like old Xenophon got his wish!  Makes you wonder whether it’s actually going to do anything, as I’m yet to see any hard evidence. But congrats to everyone! Now it all comes back to the big question..

What are you going to spend your $900 worth of economic stimulus on?

EDIT: Looks like the payment will be made in the same fashion that you received your tax refund. Early April the first payments get made. Check out the ATO Blow my 900 page for more details.


  1. i’m gonna spend my $900 on a boat trip for 3. t-pain is coming. you wanna join?

  2. I got my flippy floppies, my Santana champ, let’s go climb some buoys!

  3. I’m going to be using mine to get a HUET (TBOSIET) qualification so that I can work on an Oil Rig. Instead of just wasting the money like every other moron, it’ll be an investment in increased future income.

  4. how and when do we get it?

  5. When do we actually get the payment for our $900??

  6. new wheels for my car :)

  7. Package will be send on april 13th

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