$900 Stimulus Package on April 6th!!


I know you may have been asking yourself….when will I get my $900 economic stimulus payment?!?! Well…it turns out that you may get a friendly letter from K-Rudd and the Dub-Swan on April 6th! I have amended the countdown timer on the right accordingly! Not long to go now, so get your mind grapes thinking about what you are going to buy!!!!!!!!!

Final most latest News regarding the delivery date—

According to the ATO–  “The 7.4 million people who have already lodged their 2007-08 tax return will start receiving their payments from Wednesday 8 April 2009.” So there you have it, the stimulus package will begin to be delivered on the 8th April, with the last being received on the 16 May 2009!

The ATO also say…

“Due to the large number of payments we ask that people don’t call us about the progress of individual payments while we are still distributing them.”   LOLZ!! So I guess be patient and just think of ways to blow your $900 free money!!!!!


  1. lola.. i hope you are an australian, i mean born here.. as calling the general aussie public a **** wit is pretty rough. And if thats what you see australia as.. you are not in the right neighbourhood. Anyways hopefully everyone has recieved their money now and can begin to spend and forget about it.. if you hear that you MAY be receiving more money from the goverment DO NOT budget it in, just incase you don’t receive it, that way if you end up not getting it, its a bummer, not a life altering event!

  2. how rude of u saying we are idiots cause we cant spell dont u think that we know that i dont care if i cant spell because im not coming on here to have a spelling comp im on here to write down what i think as for everyone else… so get over it u are not perfect either u make spelling mistakes sometimes everyone does and if u think u dont then u are the idiot that is up yourself because alot of people on this planet isnt perfect…

  3. what the *** 4610, 4650,4660,4680 all been done wat about 4670 man hurry up we all want our money

  4. It’s got nothing to do with post codes, it’s completely random and computer generated.
    only a week or 2 to go and every one will have theirs!

  5. i haven’t yet been stimulate :-(

  6. but i’m looking forward to it!!!!! :)

  7. quick question if you worked last year as i did but now recieve centrelink benifits do you have to write down the 900 dollars as income or do you not have to write it down not sure how it works

  8. i have been half stimulated (dam government ) recieved my letter saying that $$$$$ has been deposited on the 6th and still no dice, rang bank and tax mob and know one can tell me where it is.
    so someone got a double bonus.

  9. a friend of mine called the ATo a few days ago and was told if u got all ur tax back last year then ur not entitled to the $900 is this true?

  10. god sake.. if you cant work it out yourself then your pretty darn well thick in the head!!

    people who put in a tax return last year will recieve it!
    this includes…
    people who make 80k or less will get $900
    people who make between 80k and 90k will get like $500 or something
    and people who make more will get only $250.

    i hope this answered your question!!!

  11. NO she will NOT be entitled to it, if you PAID tax you receive it, so if she received all her money back then she did not PAY any tax. Thankyou Sam

  12. omg Cassandra C ur very stuck up arnt u and all the other people that are picking on the newstart and the people that arnt getting the payment… u all dont give a **** about the pensioners that went threw a depression and more worse then we are know and what are they getting nothing so u dont give a **** about them only urselfs. and u dont really need it because its just money for god sake our grandparents didnt get it in those days when it was more tough then us and they were fine so that should mean we all dont need it but u dont give a **** would u and what did u do with ur money did u help ur parents out or ur grandparents i bet not…

  13. Well it is the 14th and I am still waiting to be stimulated. I did my tax early last year so so much for them saying that if you did your tax early you would get paid first!!!!

  14. Well, I haven’t received a thing and the date is almost here. Hmmm.

  15. 16th and still nothing

  16. DISMAYED… did you lodge a tax return and PAY tax… earn under $100,000 for the year!?

  17. I sure did! Worked like a dog as a nurse and paid taxes, lodged taxe return. Check, check, check.

  18. Well dismayed if you did actually pay tax, meaning in your tax return you did not receive the whole amount back, then you should be entitled, check that your address and bank account details are the same as when you lodged your tax return, if all else checks out i would be calling the ato! Goodluck

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