A coffin.

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There is a lot of frivolity that goes on around this website, and I guess there has been an outcry for some serious suggestions. Well I received a delightful tip-off from one of BM900’s wonderful Twitter followers! She suggested to think ahead and buy yourself your very own coffin! I mean when you think about it, you probably won’t get to choose it, and well you will end up spending a lot of time in it! Think of your loved ones and the torment they will have to go through picking out a coffin for their son/daughter/secret lover/mother/un-loved middle child/step-father Steve, and buy your own coffin today!!! Actually, I think I would buy this one off Ebay cause it kinda looks used(which is awesome!), and well I would have enough money left over for a chainsaw, flamethrower and jackhammer, cause seriously who’s NOT afraid of being buried alive?!

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  1. What you have to say is of great use to me, thanks for that!

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