A date for your 10 year high school reunion!


So it turns out that my 10 year high school reunion is just around the corner and I’m still horribly alone. Is it wrong that I am even contemplating spending $900(or less) on someone to ‘accompany’ me to it? How much does this kind of thing cost? Would I need to buy her a corsage? So many questions!

BTW- This sounds like a great idea for a screenplay!


  1. Yes you definately need to buy her a corsage!

  2. this is seriously the best suggestion yet. both for real life and a screenplay. make sure this page is date stamped, so you can sue the farrelly brothers (??) when they steal the idea and make a movie starring will ferrell, or possibly seth rogen and jon heder.
    oh man, its all coming together in my head already.

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