A Fun and Exciting Fly Swatter!


Sick of the boring mundane ways to kill flies?? Me too! Yesterday I received an awesome suggestion for a 1500 watt electric fly-swatter! Now you don’t have to worry about hitting the fly/mosquito onto something, just get in within range of this bad boy and it’s lights out for Louie! This one is on special and is discounted at 72%! So with the exchange and shipping I think you could get about 33 of these marvels of man-kind!


  1. Makeshift lightsaber anyone?

  2. Ahh, I just realised I should’ve made the title…Fly Swatter?! More like fun swatter!!!

  3. If you are importing these from Asia, you won’t be able to bring them in as it’s a potential weapon. Good luck anyway.

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