A GIANT oversized LED clock.


I don’t wear a watch, to be honest they really annoy me and well I don’t need one of those unsightly tan lines! I have a clock on my phone, psp, computer, the sky etc…but on that rare occaision I’m not outside, or near one of the various electronic appliances that can tell me the time of day, I’m outta luck!! Until now! Not only would a GIANT oversized LED clock be great for telling the time from pretty much any room in my tiny house but it triples as an amazing light source AND calendar! I’m pretty sure you could rig it to be a basketball scoreboard, so you could also relive those glory days back when you were young and your life had meaning. They are $350 US,  so basically you could buy 1 and maybe get it shipped (if they offered shipping). Sigh. Do you come with the clock?
Oh you, hee hee hee.

NOTE: A trusty reader has pointed out that this price is for a 6-pack of GIANT LED CLOCKS!!!!!!! Awesomezzzzz


  1. But happy chance I logged onto this page this morning at precisely 8:39am making your clock absolutely correct. However, as it was not September 28, 2006 I can only award a partial credit.

  2. if i’m reading that auction properly, your $350 US will buy you a case of 6 of those clocks, so you could easily team up with 5 other mates to get them here under budget.

    Unfortunatly they clearly state they don’t ship outside of the US … surely we could organise our own courier 😉

  3. Whoa, you are totally right! 6 Clocks!!!! That would light my entire house!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wonder if I can get the clock to say permanently on September 28, 2006, so I can pretend i’m not in financial ruin?

    Each time the stock market crashes I can look over at the clock and breath a sigh of relief.

    That is until the repo man comes knocking. Again.

  5. I totally hear ya Roger. Last night the repo man came and took a cheesecake that I had planned to devour in drunken depressed daze. But cheer up, it’s stimulation season! Things can only get better from here!

  6. I can’t see Flavor Flav wearing that in a hurry.

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