A Goat! I never thought I would buy a goat!


To follow up yesterday’s suggestion of a boat, today I propose that you buy a goat! You can pick up a high quality¬† Saanen/Nubian cross dairy goat for $75! Now, according the seller...”You can produce $20 /milk per goat per day with these girls, so pay off the cost in less than a week!!!”. They would also be handy lawnmowers, best friends, or guard goats. With your $900 stimulus money you could buy 12 goats!!


  1. What if you already have a boat and a goat?

    I’d use my $900 to put down a deposit on getting a moat around my house…

    If I was lucky enough to have a goat, moat and a boat… then I’d buy some crack.

  2. Tell em he’s dreaming. Hi Rusty :)

  3. LOL! C3PO costume – buy 50 of these!!

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