A Jebediah listening party!


I’m sure that there will be heaps of parties between now and the end of May, but none like this. Why not get all your friends together and have a huge listening party!!! My personal recommendation would be to have all your mates around buy drinks, food, fireworks etc and listen to Jebediah’s classic “Slightly Odway” from start to finish!!! Heck, I would say if you had enough mates you could pool your money and actually hire them to play at your house! Man, it’s days like this I wish that I lived in Perth!
Please enjoy the awesomeness that was…and still is Jebediah!


  1. This is the best so far! Yes, better than the Golf Club Toilet and more magical than the Bikini Jeans.

    “Were you laughed at by your friends
    And were you lost for words when everybody finally told you what they thought
    You can’t keep up with the trend
    It makes you lose but somehow everybody always makes up in the end
    Oh, was it something that I ate
    Oh, didn’t even touch my plate
    Oh, suddenly I’m feeling great
    Do you like me now, etc.”

  2. Awesome…

    I feel bad for burning Jebediah in another suggestion post now…

    Slightly Odway rocks!

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