A money booth!!

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Where will you keep all of your newly acquired money?!? A bank, under your bed, duffel bag, your lower intestine, bee hives?? NO!!! I have the best solution for your excessive cash problems….A money booth! Not only is it safe and secure, but you can frolick around in your hundreds of dollars whenever you please!! What screams success more than taking a vertical bath in hot, wet, sexy cash?! These things are all the rage in America especially theĀ  “Win Tunnel” . There is no pricing available for these money booths, but I think we all know why that is…it’s because you can’t put a price on complete and utter awesomenezzzzzz.
Click to see larger awesomenezz.

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  1. Unfortunately on the ‘specials’ section of the site they have a used one for $2950 =( add in shipping and I think it’s “you and four friends…” Maybe use it to cash in on all those other stimulated people and end up with a profit?

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