Always ask for more wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!


So if you find a magic lamp/bottle and a genie comes out, what do you ask for? More wishes of course!! Honestly, I think this must be a universal truth, just like the fact that Dane Cook is a tool or Back To The Future 3 was just a cash-grab and nearly ruined the integrity of the franchise . SO my thought is, why not BUY a genie bottle with your $900 and then request unlimited wishes! Booyah, you just got served Mr. Krudd and the Dub Swann. Turns out I was in luck as Genie bottles are remarkably easy to come across! I figure with the $900 you could get 2 genie bottles and some left over money to buy a bar fridge for your unlimited supply of Tim Tam’s.

Barbara Eden knew where it was at!

Barbara Eden knew where it was at!


  1. Why would you need to buy 2, couldn’t you just buy one and wish for another … matter of fact you could wish for that fridge … or just wish for tim tams that don’t go off … think about it !

  2. You didn’t think a comment like that about BTTF3 would have no repercussions did you? I demand satisfaction!

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