Bikini Jeans!!


A very fashion forward friend of mine informed me that she was going to place an order for these as soon as that sweet sweet $900 stimulus package hit her account. What more can you say about Bikini Jeans? Except for the fact they are crazy expensive! I mean you don’t even get all of the jeans. You would be better off buying a normal pair of jeans, cutting off the waist area and fashioning it into a bikini and then reattaching it! Maybe I should start making patterns? Well they are $94.29 US which is likeĀ  $143 a pair! That’s 6 pairs for your $900 which I guess is enough pairs for you and your bridesmaids.


  1. LOL
    **dies laughing**

    “These r lyk… soo dir’y…”

    They remind me of Ms Agilera’s ‘Xtina’ stage.
    If saw a woman wearing these on the street, I could not contain the laugther.

  2. Truly, truly gross.
    The only thing I can think of that’s worse is Metallica’s official line of g-string merchandise.

  3. …ordering something from America with the stimulus money would actually be damaging our economy rather than helping it

  4. As I’m in Australia, what if I make the order for everybody and then others can order their bikini jeans through me. I honestly cannot see how this would not benefit our economy. It’s flawless!

  5. One of my good friends told me about the new bikini jeans. He also told me that they were only legal in California? I am not sure if that is true, but if anyone knows where else they are legal, please send me a e-mail at . Thank you!



  6. AH HA HA HA HA oh my god!! they are horrible, Kath n Kim Eat your heart out … you cant seriously be considering buying something like that! ah ah ha hahahaha

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