Blow My 900 Fun Facts


So I set this site up as a bit of fun! To see what people would spend their money and whether or not I could use one those suggestions. Things have gotten a little crazy since then!

It’s day 23 of Stimulus season and still I have nothing! I’m totally convinced that the government is going to it to me last…Maybe I will get any unclaimed cheques? Yes, I believe that’s what will happen!

As of today BM900 has had over 85,000 visits! We might almost hit 50,000 unique visitors this month!! Thats crazy

The site has had over 1800 comments and over 100 spam comments! (a true sign of success!). Also there has been multiple people trying to test out the swears filter (another true sign of success!).

I’ve had 150 report their stimulus reception and 237 reported postcodes! My favourite comment so far is the guy who claimed to a disorder where he thought he was the fat kid from hey dad!

I’m number 1 in Google searches for loads of stimulus related things! I’m so stoked to be number one for ‘Hookers and Strippers’ in Australia!!! I’m also stoked about being number 1 for Santana Champagne! And most importantly number 1 for $900 ea falcon!! I love it when people are looking for serious information about the Stimulus package and end up on my site!!!

Those Google ads have made over $120!! So keep clicking LOlzzEr! I also  got offered a free massage from Ripple Massage!!

Thanks to everyone that has been to the site so far, it’s been super fun. And even if you are one of the lucky ones that have their money….keep checking back to see what you can spend it on!! Also, if you have any good suggestions, or want to let the world know what you spent your money on….let me know!! Shameless promotion is a plus!


  1. Thank you k rudd..i have my 900 postcode 4401

  2. No problem. I like to think that by clicking 3 ads per day I’m keeping you in clean shirts and patent leather shoes.
    I notice that the postcodes for my last three places of residence are all up and yet I remain skint… I, therefore, wish to pose the following question to Mr Rudd: ‘Wadupidat homez?’

  3. I miss you Ted! What’s been happening??

    I hope that rash went away?

  4. i like ya mum

  5. do you?
    i like p3n1s

  6. When is Kruddler going to reveal who they are? Are you male/female?
    What state are you in?

    I’m intrigued!!

  7. p3n1s! lolzzzz! I love writing words with numbers too

    73d 15 4 c0mp1373 91mp!

  8. I have decided to use my moneyz on scientific research. I want to create a creature that is half mad, half cat. It will be an ugle creature that I will call a mancat, or perhaps a mankad, since I have a love for the letter D and am a little affraid of the letter T. I sure I can profit from selling such a creature at flea markets.

  9. I will not be roped into one of these famous ‘flame wars’ on this. Not out of choice, but I can’t. I have a heart condition and a rash.

    Yeah Kruddler… who are you?!

  10. Reveal yourself Kruddler!

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