Buy 100 cheeseburgers in a can!


I had an email about this item must agree with the author when they said this item is too revolutionary NOT to spend $900 on! 100 cheeseburgers in a can! (EDIT: The page cant handle the bandwidth…apparently, so here’s an Onion Review of it!!)I can’t count how many times I’ve gone off on a 4 day hicking trip only to get 3 hours in and begin craving a cheeseburger. And we all know that once you get a hankering for a cheeseburger, you may as well just call the hike off! But now I can take cheeseburgers on the go! As an added bonus (like you needed one) it only hasĀ  257 kcal/100g Kalorien!

cheese burger in a can!!!

cheese burger in a can!!!


  1. Is the cheeseburger any good?
    “Answer: no. Oh dear sweet shrieking Lord, no.”
    Well, I trust your review over the onion… they only do ‘fake news’ anyways. I’ve had many a magnificent experience with canned food stuffs and I can’t see why this would go any differently.

  2. Does ‘Kalorien’ come with an acid re-flux capacitor?

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