July 29, 2013
by Kruddler!

Legends of League:Defensom! Just a small tribute to the worlds best rugby league player, Shaun Fensom.

Sometimes you have a great idea, then you pay graphic designers a substantial amount of money to bring it to fruition. This is the result of that! I present Shaun Fensom as Defensom!

April 30, 2013
by Kruddler!

World’s greatest accomplishment

People are always asking me, “Hey you’ve got an incredibly successful website that is the envy of webmasters all over the globe, do you see that as the world’s greatest accomplishment?” I mean, you would think that this website is … Continue reading

April 10, 2013
by Kruddler!

Gareth Keenan IS the Game of Thrones

Having not read the entire book series of Game Of Thrones, I hope that Gareth Keenan (aka Mackenzie Crook) becomes King of the Seven Kingdoms. So far we’ve had Fnchy and Gareth, maybe Dawn will show up as a White … Continue reading

January 5, 2012
by Kruddler!

Hello, yes this is dog. Original (in a way)

I spent most of last year laughing at this photo and then I thought…”How funny would it be if he was saying other things!!!!”. Then I realised that I couldn’t find an original picture. Was this photo always like this? … Continue reading

December 18, 2011
by Kruddler!
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Just to clear this up, it’s not ‘Panties From Heaven’.

When watching Christmas films, as much as you want it to be…the song is never Panties From Heaven. It was much to my disappointment to be informed that it is called ‘Pennies From Heaven’. Also there are ZERO parody remakes!? … Continue reading