Day 7 of the Stimulus Season…I suggest some relaxation!


Well I’ve just arrived back to work after the 4 day weekend and am not too keen. I also have not received my $900!! You would think after all this advocating the $900 that the Ruddz would want to expodite it to me…or give me one of these mysterious triple payments that some people are talking about! Anyways, I actually had somebody Twitter me and recommend that I purchase one of their relaxation packages! So I had a look, and it turns out you can get a chocolate massage that costs $185 for 2 hours. To be honest, I am a large chocolate fan and the thought that I can pay a possibly attractive woman to massage chocolate onto me for 2 hours warms my soul! Anyways, I think they are giving away a $1000 of massages if you sign up for their newsletter! I was stoked that someone actually approached me with their own idea…it’s a shame they didn’t give me a free massage!!! Come on!!


  1. got my payment at about 6am this morning thank you government. to all that havent got theirs yet, ****** SUCK IT *****

  2. What state do you live in Ray? Is it just me or they favouring NSW?

  3. i work in the middle of sydney and only 1 person living on the central coast has recieved their kevcash

  4. Q2: When will the tax bonus be paid?
    Payments will go out progressively over six weeks from early April to the 7.4 million eligible people who have already lodged last year’s tax return. Cheque and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) postings will be distributed each business night until the initial run of 7.4 million has been completed.
    All cheque and EFT payments will be made using a post code selection process that is randomly generated, ensuring all post codes are evenly distributed to each state and territory each night (using the Australia Post predetermined percentage spread). For this reason and because of security concerns, we are not planning to publish a distribution schedule.

  5. where is my damn kev money 😐

  6. this sucks, its taking ages!

  7. has anyone in qld recieved it? all i seem ito here is WA and NSW getting there payments

  8. I still haven’t gotten mine!

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