Fun with 5c pieces!!!


I received an email today that suggested converting your $900 in 5 cent pieces! Think about it…that’s 18,000 pieces of legal tender at your disposal!!!!! The un-named emailer thought it would be an idea to glue 5 cent pieces to the sidewalk around his city. BM900 does not condone this (possibly illegal) behaviour but it gave me an idea! No matter what you spend your $900 on this Stimulus Season, do it with 5 cent pieces! If we all got together we would have millions of 5 cent pieces! Maybe we could have a massive 5 cent piece race or build a giant 5 cent piece outta 5 cent pieces!! If you have ideas, let me know!!!!  To summarise… if you are using the stimulus money as a gift to someone, a $50 note has a whole lot less love in it than 1000 5cent pieces! Let your loved ones know that you really care this Stimulus Season! Stimulus Season….start using it! It’s really catching on!


  1. When I was younger,I once saved an empty scotch bottle that was in the bin to use as a money box. It only fit five cent pieces, that didn’t stop me from using it though. When it was full of 5’s it was a sight to behold.

    Maybe next month I can revisit this time in my childhood again!

    Thanks Krudd!

  2. good idea imo

  3. lets pool the 5c pieces and pave a road with them …

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