Gold Coast Suns (GCFC) new name and new uniform!

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So I figure I would get in early on this one. Apparently the Gold Coast AFL team or GCFC as they like to be called, are releasing their official nickname today! I am pretty confused as I would assume that when establishing a sports team you would already have a nickname or mascot in mind. Obviously they realised that GCFC was a terrible name and quite frankly without a nickname or mascot they wouldn’t have any legitimate merchandise to sell. AFL is awesome….

Seeing as Australian teams just copy US names and the GCFC have to compete with the Titans, apparently they are going to be called the SUNS. As a lover of all things NBA, I have designed the latest jerseys for them. To be honest, I bet that it’s going to be pretty similar to what they actually use!

So here we have everyone’s favourite AFL player

Karmichael Hunt modelling the all new GCFC Suns Jersey!!

Gold Coast Suns New Jersey GCFC AFL

Gold Coast Suns Jersey GCFC AFL

*This is a terrible artist impression and would be taken down if asked!

One Comment

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