Golf Club Toilet.


Yes, you read correctly…GOLF CLUB TOILET. How many times have you been out on the golf course and really needed to pee? I know right, 100 maybe 200 times, well worry no more! You can blow you $900 on one of these amazing contraptions. Before doing so, I would probably watch the video to really understand what you are buying into, and yes it’s totally legit. They are $25US, and I don’t know if you can get them shipped here. But I would say you could probably get an entire “set” for your $900…


  1. If there are issues with the rotator cuff, shoulder joint or flexibility in the shoulder muscles, the golfer may have a difficult time lifting the arms properly in the back swing, and swinging them properly in the follow through. As a result, they may make compensations elsewhere in an attempt to swing the club properly. One such compensation may be what is referred to as a reverse pivot.

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