Happy Stimulus Season!! Stimulation begins today…

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Well today is the glorious day that people start receiving their $900! It’s going to be a nervous 6 weeks for a lot of us, checking our bank accounts and waiting for those 18,000 5 cent pieces to come rolling our way!!!! I have my bank account rigged so that when that sweet $900 hits my account I get an email! I’ll be down to JB quicker than Kevin Rudd can bring an air stewardess to tears.
It would be great to hear from people as they get the $900, so it gives the rest of us hope that the money will soon be in our cold, economically down-turned hands! I have created a page called Lucky Ones that will list people that have received the payment and a notible fact about themselves…maybe we can find a pattern?! Like if there was alot of lonely, single, unattractive men with too much time on their hands getting their stimulus’ packages…I would know that mine can’t be too far away!!

So if you’ve got your stimulus package let me know! Also, if you spend your stimulus package…send me a comment or twitter me and let me know WHICH of my suggestions you actually used!

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  1. Waiting, waiting.

    I kinda thought as well, What! only $900, here we is, the backbone of the country. Without us, the whole place would fall apart…But then again, ol Johnny couldn’t have given a rats really, so good on ya Kev, spending all of Johnny squirrelled away squillions to keep the joint going.
    I’m gonna be boring and over the next few months spend it on pots n pans, cutting boards and other stuff required when moving out of house.

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