High Court Rules in favour of Brian Pape = April Fools!


That’s right, you heard it here first. The case brought against the Australian government in regards to the legitimacy of the $900 stimulus package has been successful and unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be getting the payment in the near future (source)! I’m pretty annoyed at this news, especially as it’s so close to the date that we were supposed to get it. My friend thinks that this whole thing was a giant conspiracy so that we would spend our $900 package in anticipation of receiving the money! Can we appeal this decision? Someone has to surely?? I hope so, or it’s bye bye to stimulation money!!

Newsflash: Brian Pape Gunned down on his way to court!  http://ozaccounting.com.au/2009/04/bryan-pape-gunned-down-on-his-way-to-court/


  1. LOL…. WUT?

  2. you better be april foolin’ me!?

  3. i looked everywhere you are the only one reporting this and now I’m gunna be late for work lol

  4. hehe thanks for linking to me mate. enjoy :)

  5. A High Court decision on the validity of the federal government’s bonus payments to millions of taxpayers is expected on Friday 3rd april

    got this at 12.30 pm 1st of april

    there still is hope ?

  6. ok i get it….april fool

  7. this isnt true!

  8. It’s a ruse. A very clever, meticulously planned ruse!

  9. I think it stinks this solictors got enough money what about us hard working tax payers who got no kids wasn’† illeaugely giving them any money so what about us I think it sucks

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