Hire Fat Cat for the day.


A little while ago I suggested that you hire out Humphrey B Bear for the day, and well there was quite a backlash in regards to Fat Cat and his availability to be hired. Well fret no more! Turns that you can hire Fat Cat, well at least you can in Perth! The page also says you can buy Fat Cat dolls! I know that Perth are literally behind the times due to time differences, but seriously is Fat Cat still on television over there?! Can anyone confirm this? Sand ‘gropers’ I’m looking at you! Anyways, imagine how cool it would be to hire Fat Cat or a Fat Cat suit and go into work wearing it! Take casual Friday to a whole new level!!!!


  1. yep im in perth, and fat cat is very much still alive, hes on before ever goes to bed at 8:30 on ads and stuff, and telethon, and his a main attraction at the christmas pageant

  2. Weird he’s only famous in Perth now… Kind of like Jebadiah? (ouch?).

    I remember there was a rumour around my primary school that he was murdered!

    Glad to hear the cat is still alive… Even though he’s just a costume..

  3. Didnt he die? and humphrey bear attend his funeral?

  4. try to find fat cat invitations and to make a fat cat cake, it’s so hard if anyone has any info it would be great appriciated..

  5. I am old…37 actually! Haha. I saw this and had to make a comment. I am from Perth. Fat Cat is- as the other guys say- very much alive in Perth. Some history for you.

    He actually started on Perth TV- He was originally the design of a TVW 7 staff member. TVW Enterprises was big in those days- they built the Perth Entertainment Centre and the first City cinema complex- Cinema City. They owned radio station 6IX and then bought SAS 10 in Adelaide. Both studios did heaps of TV productions.

    Back to Fat Cat- He appeared on Perth’s Earlybirds show with his mate Percy Penguin. Earlybirds (during week on school holidays) and Fat Cat’s Funtime Show (Saturday mornings) were absolutely huge. These characters and their male and female co-hosts attracted large crowds everywhere they went back in the 70s and 80s. They were in heaps of other shows as well.

    TVW Enterprises made Fat Cat and Friends, the preschoolers show, in the SAS 10 studios. Fat Cat became huge there as well.

    Fat Cat and Friends always screened in Perth on Channel 7. When the show started screening on the east coast it was on the Network 10 affiliates.

    A “goodnight girls and boys” sequence still screens on 7 in Perth to this day (7.30pm) and you can still buy dolls which raise money for children’s charities. Ten years ago, there was a meltdown at the tv station’s switchboard when 7 attempted to drop the “goodnight” from their schedule. Then new indents were filmed. This may seem a little old-fashioned but I think this is in a good way!

    He still does shows around town but alas does not have a proper tv show anymore which I think should be rectified.

    TVW and SAS got absorbed into Skase’s TV network in the late 80s and SAS got rebranded a Channel 7 station- hence Fat Cat and Friends moved to the Seven Network for its final few years.

    Fat Cat and Friends was dumped by the political correctness group (idiots) but never in Perth. He is retained by the station and his mate Percy is by all accounts still alive too. He has appeared at Christmas Pageants with Fat Cat here in Perth.

    By the way, TVW used to have a puppet called Sunny Sandgroper who used to tell jokes on air. You could send your jokes in to the station.

    If you want to see some recent Fat Cat stuff, hop on youtube and type in TVW 7 and you will find a few things.

  6. lol cool, good to see this, as I am from bassendean perth and people in other states think i am insane when I tel them we had a cool fatcat and talk about percy and sunny the sandgroper, the all think the only fat cat was the “fat cat and friends” one aimed at toddlers. oh how they were deprived of some of the coolest stuff.

  7. Hey doomed

    Great to read what you say about Fat Cat, Percy and Sunny! I am from Dianella so close to Bassendean.

    Even as a kid, I could tell the difference between the Perth Fat Cat and the Adelaide one. They looked slightly different for starters and they used to show lots of shots on FC and Friends which my mum and dad would point out were shot in Adelaide. Strange I remember this stuff but I do!

    Our Fat Cat was quite the cool dude in Perth. He could be quite naughty at times too which I liked! He wore different outfits too. He NEVER dig that daggy dancing stuff. He had a nice red Scottish suit including hat he wore a lot and not that flower hat they have him in lately…..geez. Fat Cat should revolt once more and reclaim his true personality…..

    You could enter competitions on the Earlybirds and Funtime Shows like Find Fat Cat where you picked a number on a electronic board to win a prize (so high tech we thought!!) and Percy’s Treasure which was a board with lights flashing around and treasure island map. Whatever spot the light stopped on you won that prize. FC and Percy were not really for toddlers and the show was aimed more toward kids of school age actually.

    They’d do live shows round town and get mobbed by the kids (and parents!) in Perth back then. The Perth Royal Show was amazing one year!

    They’d update the set often and we’d be seeing the crew in Fat Cat’s cave, Fat Cat’s tree house or fishing shack….they were pretty creative and the fan mail when they’d have a major prize draw would cover the whole floor and the hosts would bury themselves in it! None of this is exaggerated as my generation would attest. Have a look at photos from TVW Reunion site and you will an idea.

    FC had the hugest toothbrush and mug he’d drink his milk from. Mrs Cat would put him to bed at night. And sometimes Keith Geary as well.

    Yes, those that saw Fat Cat on the FC and Friends show did not get to see Fat cat’s real talents. I agree totally that Fat Cat and Percy Penguin rocked over here and that was why they remained popular.

  8. does anyone know were i can hier a fatcat costume

  9. i love fat cats i masturbate with em

  10. i love fat cats

  11. please tell me where i can find a fat cat for sale. i want to buy one so baddddd. pleaseeeeeee. it must have a big ***. dont ask any further questions

  12. Fact Cat Costume Cannot Be HIred OUt SInce TVw 7 Owns Fatcat And Hansford The Fat cat costume/suit And STill Uee it to this Day For Telethon But if you Had the Money about $2000 to $3000 dollars you could talk the channel 7 to hiring fatcat With THe Actor who currently PLays Fatcat for a day as long as its for a Children’s charity

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