Hire Thailand for a party!

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I received an interesting email the other day that proposed that if enough people pooled their money together, you could charter a 747,  hire thailand and throw a massive party there!  It’s a pretty incredible idea. $900X400 people= $360,000!!! Thats one pretty crazy party! I’m not sure about the feasability of Thailand as I’m not on the best terms with the consulate after “the incident”, but how bout a Whitsunday Island or maybe a motel in Dubbo?! Any exotic location would do really. What an awesome way to forget your financial distress and dismay!!

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One Comment

  1. um, good idea … but couldnt we have the party somewhere in AU, we’re meant to be stimulating the australian economy with our $900, not taking it offshore to help thailands grow !!!.

    I propose a party at your place … we’ll all come, cashed up and ready to blow it all !

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