This page’s sole function is to advise you of when people have received their Stimulus Packages! Hopefully it will be a beacon of hope to those still waiting! I will list some features about them, so we can see if there is a trend and then predict the date of our own stimulation! Want to report yours? Click here to go down to the form…..

Lucky Postcodes…
0812, 0820, 0870, 0871, 2000, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020, 2026, 2033, 2037, 2042, 2046, 2066, 2075, 2077, 2088, 2089, 2097, 2110, 2113, 2114, 2121, 2122, 2126, 2132, 2141, 2144, 2145, 2146, 2147, 2148, 2150, 2153, 2154, 2156, 2158, 2161, 2164, 2165, 2167, 2168, 2170, 2173, 2176, 2194, 2196, 2203, 2204, 2205, 2207, 2217, 2223, 2228, 2232, 2250, 2251, 2053, 2257, 2258, 2260, 2261, 2285, 2287, 2290, 2302, 2303, 2318, 2323, 2326, 2333, 2444, 2456, 2460, 2464, 2480, 2484, 2485, 2486, 2500, 2529, 2557, 2559, 2560, 2570, 2604, 2607, 2612, 2615, 2617, 2619, 2620, 2625, 2650, 2710, 2747, 2750, 2753, 2754, 2759, 2761, 2763, 2766, 2767, 2768, 2770, 2780, 2794, 2799, 2820, 2903, 2905, 3000, 3006, 3012, 3015, 3020, 3021, 3023, 3024, 3025, 3028, 3029, 3030, 3032, 3046, 3056, 3058, 3059, 3065, 3070, 3072, 3074, 3082, 3084, 3089, 3101, 3103, 3104, 3105, 3121, 3122, 3129, 3133, 3134, 3135, 3137, 3141, 3142, 3143, 3145, 3150, 3155, 3156, 3162, 3163, 3169, 3171, 3178, 3182, 3183, 3185, 3188, 3192, 3204, 3205, 3206, 3219, 3250, 3337, 3345, 3429, 3516, 3550, 3765, 3805, 3810, 3912, 3976, 3992, 4005, 4006, 4012, 4014, 4017, 4030, 4034, 4036, 4037, 4053, 4054, 4059, 4061, 4064, 4066, 4068, 4070, 4074, 4075, 4077, 4078, 4207, 4103, 4104, 4105, 4108, 4114, 4116, 4118, 4119, 4121, 4122, 4123, 4124, 4127, 4128, 4131, 4132, 4152, 4154, 4158, 4178, 4179, 4184, 4207, 4210, 4211, 4213, 4214, 4215, 4216, 4217, 4218, 4211, 4220, 4221, 4226, 4227, 4228, 4275, 4300, 4301, 4305, 4306, 4350, 4352, 4370, 4401, 4500, 4503, 4505, 4506, 4510, 4551, 4556, 4557, 4558, 4560, 4563, 4573, 4575, 4610, 4650, 4655, 4660, 4670, 4680, 4703, 4814, 4817, 4820, 4865, 4869, 4870, 4885, 5006, 5008, 5009, 5015, 5032, 5037, 5038, 5042, 5068, 5082, 5069, 5092, 5087, 5109, 5113, 5125, 5251, 5252, 5290, 5600, 5608, 6012, 6016, 6020, 6024, 6025, 6026, 6027, 6030, 6050, 6054, 6057, 6059, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6064, 6065, 6069, 6070, 6101, 6102, 6103, 6104, 6107, 6109, 6110, 6111, 6112, 6150, 6153, 6158, 6163, 6160, 6166, 6168, 6230, 6280, 6330, 6701, 6753, 7000, 7004, 7008, 7010, 7011, 7015, 7018, 7190, 7252, 7253, 7320

I have tapped into a secret government super-computer (S.G.S.C Mk3) and have cracked the algorithm for what the postcodes that are going to be delivered to today. Due to the complexity of the algorithm, I am only able to extract one postcode per day! Hope it’s yours!!

Todays Lucky Post Code

Lucky Receivers

May 13/5/09- Day Thirty Six
261- Sam from 2460,celebrity crush is ??, ??, Unique Fact- ..Comments-YAY-received 13/5

May 12/5/09- Day Thirty Five
258- JB from 2194,celebrity crush is Jessica Alba, Cheque, Unique Fact- Left hander..Comments-FINALLY!!!!!
259- rachel from 2460,celebrity crush is dr. phil, check, Unique Fact- i think geeks are sexy..Comments-finally the clarence valley gets stimulated! i already bought a new digital tv and dvd player
260- Anne from 5009,celebrity crush is Gumby, Cheque, Unique Fact- I like chicken crimpy shapes with mayo..Comments-was so relieved when i got it coz i had to keep going back to old house to check letterbox for it… they took their freakin time…

May 11/5/09- Day Thirty Four
256- Jo from 2122,celebrity crush is Pink, ATO bank deposit,
257- Natalia from 6057,celebrity crush is My husband – he’s a star!, Cheque in the mail on Friday 8/05, Unique Fact- reaching for the stars and landing on the moon..

May 8/5/09- Day Thirty One
255- Jizelle from Perth from 6027<– not even on this list??,celebrity crush is Ryan Reynolds lols, Direct Debit, Unique Fact- Have a shoe fetish, loves audrey hepburn & is asking what’s up with delta goodream?..Comments-Got a letter from the ATO said they are sending my money, called my bank to check and there its lolzzz…my eyes went $_$…just in time for my june vacation… hope everyone will get it soon too!

May 7/5/09- Day Thirty

250- Sir Wilfred Higgingbottom III from 4053,celebrity crush is Russell Brand’s pet turtle “Arthur”, Laundered through Cayman Islands into my DOLLARMITE ACCOUNT!!, Unique Fact- I have a tricked out horse and cart!..Comments-
251- tbone from 6101,celebrity crush is scarlett johannsen, eft and lucid 3:30pm daydreaming, Unique Fact- tolerate intolerable people,i have to i work on IT :P..Comments-patience is a virtue and i virtually have none left.
252- Jake from 2485,celebrity crush is Emma Watson, Letter Box, Unique Fact- Woooooo Hoooooo..Comments-Spending Time!!!!1
253- Tracey from 4207,celebrity crush is Brad Pitt, Bank Account, Unique Fact- Happy gal!..Comments-I’ve been stimulated…..finally Kev!!
254- Jeffrey from 4563,celebrity crush is Kevin Rudd, Cheque, Unique Fact- likes snowboarding and bathing in 5c coins..Comments-I like bathing in 5c coins… don’t you?

May 6/5/09- Day Twenty Nine

240- Clarence from 6150,celebrity crush is Megan Fox, Bank deposit, Unique Fact- I just got stimulated..Comments-Finally! just came in at midnight. I really could have used it 2 weeks ago! but gratefull nonetheless… to those who wait, godspeed.. it really cant be much longer now
241-Mariette from 6050,celebrity crush is Johnny Depp, movies
242- Melissa from 6112,celebrity crush is Zac Efron, Direct Deposit, Unique Fact- Have a secret love affair with LEMON CORDIAL..Comments-Going to go buy me some LEMON CORDIAL!!
243- Shan from 2820,celebrity crush is Hewlett Packard Computers!, Direct Debit, Unique Fact- Im a Mac person that uses PCs..Comments-I recieved mine on the 29/4/09
244- Jimmy from 4059,celebrity crush is The magical liopleurodon, Direct Deposit, Unique Fact- Last night I had a fight with a slab of ice and lost..Comments-Even though 4059 was reported like a week ago I only got it today. Buying a snowboard to stimulate the american economy wooo!
245- Krystal from 2217,celebrity crush is Robbie Williams, Cheque, Unique Fact- I like fake soy chicken..Comments-YAYAY i got my money!
246- Braden from 6153,celebrity crush is Fireman Sam, DD, Unique Fact- I like lamp..Comments-
247- Mona from 6701,celebrity crush is ice cube, bank deposit!!, Unique Fact- i like the colour pink, and lurv chocolate..Comments-i think plucka duck and ozzy ostrich should make a come back.
248- Rob from 4556,celebrity crush is ., bank deposit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-Weid – my wife got stimulated without me! Last year her tax was direct deposit, mine a bill. Noone else I know in 4556 seems to have been stimulated yet?
249- Scott from 4885,celebrity crush is Natalie Bassingthwaith, Direct Deposit, Unique Fact- My wife..Comments-ruddy hell

May 5/5/09- Day Twenty Eight
224- Dale from 4670,celebrity crush is The chick from house, Deposit, Unique Fact- i am a noob..
225- Nazza from 6111,celebrity crush is Zac efron, direct debit, Unique Fact- I love linkin Park..Comments-Thanks mr K Rudd.. for stimulating my bank account. got it this morning!! woo hoo. off to the shops I go..
226- Damian from 6026,celebrity crush is Alba, Direct Debit, ..Comments-Okay
227- Erin from 4158,celebrity crush is Antonio Banderas, Direct credit into bank account, Unique Fact- ..Comments-Thank you K Rudd – I’m going to pay my rego with this!!
228- Laura from 6111,celebrity crush is Julia Gillard (Is this some kind of sick joke, that I don’t get?), In the bank, Unique Fact- I’m pregnant again so I’ll be getting more “free” money in about 32 weeks!!..Comments-WOOOOO My credit card balance has never looked better. AND our home loan is due to go unconditional today, so it’s going to be an awesome day. I LOVE KRUDD!!
229-Chris from 4221,celebrity crush is Taylor Swift, or Minka Kelly if things with Swift don’t work out (gee, don’t get too picky or anything), via Cheque, Unique Fact- I need to have a nanna nap every afternoon..Comments-Freddo ice cream cakes are the best ice creams cakes ever made!
230- Jessica Kaitse from 6024,celebrity crush is Jesus, Bank, Unique Fact- I’m an alcoholic…
231- J from 4506,celebrity crush is Tara Reid, Direct Deposit, Comments-thanks for a great website to keep me amused while i waited.
232- person from 3163,celebrity crush is really? Comments-You’d probably get more info if you didn’t *require* people to submit info like email
233- Thi from WA from 6054,celebrity crush is Loves Hugh Jackman, EFT, Unique Fact- I can make ppl laugh..Comments-I think I have carpel tunnel from checking my bank account online too many times
234- Fiona from 4301,celebrity crush is Robert Pattinson (ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Went into my Bank account, Unique Fact- Im addicted to Redskins (the lolly)..Comments-So happy I got the payment! Was so excited when it was in my bank account yesterday!
235- Andrey from 3021,celebrity crush is N/A, Cheque, Unique Fact- What a good looking question..
236- Dan from 2207,celebrity crush is Billie Piper (I like em horsey), In ze bank, Unique Fact- I have a dance that can only be performed sans-shirt…Comments-Is Kevin eating cheetos? (No!!! it’s EaRwAx!!!—
237- Tony B from 2617,celebrity crush is claire danes, eft,
238- Shaun from 6104,celebrity crush is dr phil, bank transfer, Unique Fact- loves charlie the unicorn..Comments-is the only australian who has been issued a legal permit to hunt the french.
239- krystle from 4114,celebrity crush is jensen ackles, bank deposit, Unique Fact- just had a baby..Comments-WooHoo Finally recieved it , yes lets go spend , spend , spend .

May 4/5/09- Day Twenty Seven
206- Joel from 3204,celebrity crush is scarlett johannson, EFT, Unique Fact- ..Comments-Got it this morning, just in time to balance out bond I paid on friday.
207- Chris from 3182,celebrity crush is Tori Amos, Direct Deposit, Unique Fact- Obsessed with Tori Amos..Comments-Feel all sticky from rudds stimulation , he’s a good lover!
208- Lola from 4006,celebrity crush is Trent Reznor, Bank account, Unique Fact- You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake…Comments-ABOUT TIME!

I’ll still hang around here though, even if it s just to find out who the Kruddler is!
209- Tabitha from 3025,celebrity crush is Keanu Reeves mmmmmm, EFT, Unique Fact- I drink Milk through my nose and squirt it out my eye..(Now, you sound like someone my mum would appreciate!)Comments-900 bucks on a tattoo 😀 spanks k rudd
210- Holly from 4104,celebrity crush is Christian Bale, Direct debit
211- Phillip from 4573,celebrity crush is Felicia Day, Electronic Transfer, Unique Fact- could have used the stimulus earlier for my car loan, oh well..
212- Cranky Pants from 3015,celebrity crush is The boys from Supernatural, EFT, Unique Fact- I loved the Wa Wa Nee song – Stimulation!..Comments-3015 is now stimulated – recieved via EFT this morning (04/05/09) but normally get tax return via tax agent. Money for jam…love it!
213- Kate from 3150,celebrity crush is Hamish and Andy, Direct deposit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-Late surname, thanks KRudd!
214- Phatty from 4127,celebrity crush is Iggle Piggle, Direct Credit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-They stimulate me on a public holiday when NOTHING is open… WAAAAH!
215- jamie. from 4703,celebrity crush is the winchesters, direct debit, Unique Fact- i’m 17 and still got stimulated!..Comments-got stimulated today on this public holiday, WHOOO!
216- Ness + DH from 4154,celebrity crush is Zac Efron (me not DH), bank deposit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-About time, bank has obviously held onto it over weekend and finally credited account this morning. Could have done with it at beginning of long weekend not end of it. Not looking forward to budget night, probably new taxes so we can pay it back 10 fold.
217- amanda from 2164,celebrity crush is brad pitt, direct dep, Unique Fact- buffy is my hero!!!
218- corym from 4558,celebrity crush is Leah Dizon, Bank deposit, Unique Fact- I like the taste of the rock hard Stimorol chewing gum from 1980s footy cards…Comments-4558 – Maroochydore, a few of us have it now. (Oh Man stimorol!! Sometimes I look on Ebay to try and find old packets of footy cards, just so I can have one last gum stick)
219- Jay from 4560,celebrity crush is Oprah, Bank Deposit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-Recevied today 04/05/09. Money already spent, so no real excitement. But good to have my package stimulated…
220- Annie from 4670,celebrity crush is george cloney ( is there any others!), direct credit,
221- chloe & her youngest brother from 2000,celebrity crush is fann wong, cheque, Unique Fact- too many :P..Comments-gonna use it to pay my credit card debt … my bro? i dunno 😛
222- stefan from 2750,celebrity crush is stifler, cheque, Unique Fact- i got big wang..Comments-im gonna save my dollerz for the SNOW
223- bob from 6060,celebrity crush is jessica alba, dd

May 3/5/09- Day Twenty Six
199- Timmy from 3150,celebrity crush is LOL, Bank, Comments-Woot yeah
200- Chris from 2011,celebrity crush is ?, Deposit, Comments-Middle last name, I got mine, other people in the same house who submitted their taxes at the same time did not get theirs yet.
201- Bec from 4054,celebrity crush is Clive Owen, EFT, Unique Fact- er…..Comments-Finally!!
202- Alpal from 3805,celebrity crush is Adam Beyer, direct debit, Unique Fact- I like peanuts..Comments-Mid range, bank deposit. Now needs to find other ways to stimulate herself.
203- Michael from 3084,celebrity crush is Jessica Alba, Direct Bank Deposit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-WOOOOO HOOOO!!
204- Alyce from 4575,celebrity crush is chad micheal murray, bank,
205- lily from 4557,celebrity crush is You of course.(Of Course! Thanks mum), Bank Deposit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-Noone else in this postcode seems to have gotten it. i got it on saturday 2/5 and im with commonwealth. i think maybe its cuz they have overnight deposits come in on saturdays and other banks dont. haha sucks for everyone else had to wait til tuesday cuz of public holiday

May 2/5/09- Day Twenty Five
189- cheyne from 4573,celebrity crush is kate hudson, EFT, Unique Fact- i stole a ride on lawn mower when i was 10..
190-Shirley from 2257,celebrity crush is Vince Vaughan, direct deposit
191- Lulu from 4152,celebrity crush is Sean Connery, via bank deposit
192- Raf from 3015,celebrity crush is You, EFT, Unique Fact- Im worth $900 bucks more now..
193- Nick from 6110,celebrity crush is k rudd, direct debit, Comments-Stimulated by K Rudd on Saturday morning every1 in house recieved stimulation
194- Tim from 3103,celebrity crush is Molly Ringwald, bank,
195- Timbo from 2323,celebrity crush is Kristy McNicol, DD, Unique Fact- I can make music with my ear!..Comments-I thought it wasnt going to come. My dad is in a different postcode yet he got his the same day. Maybe it is by surname as the is very few people in Australia with the same last name as mine. Didn’t get any interest added like I was hoping
196- Pol Pot from 4006,celebrity crush is Dolly Parton, bank, Unique Fact- Shut your guts..Comments-4006 today, CHA-CHING!!!! gunna buy me ssome cromin glue!!! (Pol Pot, you disgust me.)
197- Dingleberry from 3025,celebrity crush is Your mum, Unique Fact- Brought myself a high class hooker..
198- JayZ from 2500,celebrity crush is Claudia Schiffer, Bank Deposit, Unique Fact- Biggest Claudia Schiffer fan in Australia..Comments-So the tax bonus is going to pay for the upcoming Beyonce’s concerts, I’ve bought both shows in Sydney. BTW, I’ve got one ticket for sale on 18/9, email me if u r interested. (Jay-Z is the biggest Caludia Schiffer fan in Australia…and you had to buy tickets to your wife’s show!??! Full of holes mate)

May 1/5/09- Day Twenty Four
170- the doctor from 2486,celebrity crush is fat cat, direct debit, love vegemite..Comments-now what will i do, have been checking 4 times a day.Mmmmm no more excitement now, until the next one….tick tick
171- Heath from 2250,celebrity crush is Angelina Jolie, Bank deposit, I’m at work, its 5am and it’s cold as #%@^..Comments-Finally got my stimulus package, but it came on a friday. I already bought my plasma TV with my pay from work, so now I have $900 to go on a bender this weekend. Thanks Krudd
172- Dk from 2148,celebrity crush is Krudd, bank deposit, likes to sneak up to unsuspecting pelicans and give them a hug..Comments-ninjas are everywhere
173- David from 2753,celebrity crush is Anthony Minichiello (Mark is better), Bank Deposit, My names David and I’m a Shoe-a-holic..Comments-Does the porn industry count as a valid Stimulus Spending option? It should cause their all about the stimulation!!!
174- Nicky from 2464,celebrity crush is Jensen Ackles, Direct Deposit, ..Comments-Got mine today via dd very excited as I rang the tax office on tuesday and they told me mine hadnt been processed and that I wouldnt receive it before next week! So excited Im spending mine on a huge grocery shop, a new blnaket set and a deep fryer! How exciting! Lol!
175- Slayerfrom 2009,celebrity crush is Brad Pitt, direct deposit, ..Comments-did tax myself july last year via etax
Finally !!!
176- Daniel from 3156,celebrity crush is Borat, direct deposit, Unique Fact- I play the guitar..Comments-I got stimulated in a way i’ve never been stimulated before. Oh and I love Nuno Bettencourt! And kerri :)
177- Nikolle from 4650,celebrity crush is Elmo, Bank Deposit, Unique Fact- So I phoned NHS Direct about this swine flu… And all I got was crackling on the line !!!
178- Spot from 2905,celebrity crush is Lassie, Direct Deposit, Comments-Both myself and my partner received our stimulation early today.
179- Mikey from 4121,celebrity crush is Britney Spears, Bank, Unique Fact- of course i love chicken…
180- Kane from 2009,celebrity crush is sounds weird:emma watson, direct debit, Unique Fact- xbox360+beer make my day!!!!!..Comments-check this site every 6 hours everyday in order to see my postcode is there,finally got some $$ from ato,thx kevo!btw:dude you get the $$ yet?man it’s a pity to see you still not get the $$. ps:Emma is elegant. (elegant?! hahaha how old are you? 75?)
181- Kim from 4214,celebrity crush is George Clooney, Direct deposit, Unique Fact- Applying for a new job so not spending my stimulus just yet: :(..Comments-got stimulated twice woohoo! last name with J and last name with S both went into our bank accounts Wednesday night/thursday morning, but still two days after others in our same postcode.
182- DGM from 3058,celebrity crush is Susan Boyle (people like you should have their money taken off them), Direct, Unique Fact- ..Comments-All Received for My partner and myself
Thanks Krudd
183- luke from 2612,celebrity crush is Judi Dench, Wired. (Dame Judy certainly gets my motor going also)
184- llll from 2480,celebrity crush is NONE, direct deposit, Unique Fact- ..Comments-WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………………GOING SPENDING ON THE WEEKEND
185- Myles from 2145,celebrity crush is Jesus, Cheque, Unique Fact- I can haz cheezeburgar..
186- Aylilth from 2077,celebrity crush is You are, Bank Dep., Unique Fact- I’m typing this naked..Comments-After Rudd Stimulated me last night I felt so dirty (That’s what they all say…..the first time..)
187- David from 4306,celebrity crush is I’m too old to have any crushes, direct into the bank, Comments-Its a long time between drinks waiting for this stimulus. But what about both getting it, we do live together but so far only one lot of stimulating is going on. So sad!
188- Victor from 6166,celebrity crush is Abe Vigoda, Bank Deposit, Unique Fact- Jew, but in a good way..

April 30/4/09- Day Twenty Three

143- Dave from 3121,Surname starts early baby,Bank Deposit,can say words backwords at the speed of light.Comments-I love you K.Dawg
144- Jen from 3192,mid range,Direct deposit,….posted in wrong place….um… I hate coffee and perfume!
145- Marie from 4500,Late range,DD,I love Apple & cheese for breakfast! Comments-Now the Government just needs to raise the taxes of my hard earned salary to pay the money back it borrowed to give me the $900 in the first place. Doh!
146- Emma from 3121,Bank deposit,hungover
147- Brandan from 4680,middle,Bank Deposit, Comments-Not sure if I recived the payment or if my partner did. (joint bank account) One of us recieved it today.
148- Gabriel from 5068,early to middle,Bank Deposit,rewarded for waking up early this morning
149- Caroline from 2625,early,bank deposit,I like lamb roast Comments-About time I got it (Oh Caroline! Lamb Roast! Sign me up!)
150- Steph from 4118,early,Electronically, Comments-went straight to my credit card!
151- Adam from 6030,late surname,bank deposit,
152- Simon from 6166,late,Bank Deposit,
153- Gray from 3141,Mid,Bank,Already spent on local designer leather jacket! (maybe you could jump a shark also?)
154- Tegan from 2290,mid ,into account, Comments-time to stimulate the economy bitchessss!!
155- Laura from from 6020,late,Direct deposit,currently suspected of having swine flu Comments-Hoorraayy!!!
156- Dani from 2250, Late ,bank deposit,i have a huge electricity bill Comments-finally!! typically it came the day the kids went back to school – so much for spending it on some easter fun…
157- Kerri from 3156,middle,deposit,massive Tori Amos fan!
158- G from 6064, Late name ,bank deposit,Toffee ice cream topping on crackers (the biscuits, not the people) tastes good.
Comments-Gonna buy tinned meats, fruit and long life milk. So that I can escape the swine flu pandemic in a bunker under my house.
159- Missy from 4210,Late,Direct debit,Im grumpy Comments-At last now I can pay the bank fees since this started
160- B from 6155,Late,Direct Debit,
161- Jonny from 4211,Late ,direct deposit,I like to draw dead cats:) Comments-i got my 900 today…wass sooo stimulated i drew 2 dead cats! (Dead cat 2 times?)
162- Andrew from 2126,Late,Bank deposit,I have a 6th sense, but can’t tell you for fear of mass hesteria(OOhh man, have you seen the movie knowing? I hope you’re not as much a let-down as that movie was).Comments-Thankyou ATO, but we are still in a recession!
163- Richard from 3020,starts with a middle letter,direct deposit, Comments-thanks for saving my arse uncle kevin
164- Liza from 6103, middle surname,bank deposit, just got engaged and the bonus covered half of what we spent on the party!(Sounds like a good party! Shame you’re getting married :( )
165- Jonathan from 2903,celebrity crush is Brea Bennett, Electronically, I like apples..Comments-I was out Christmas shopping for my god-daughter last year and came across this Rudd lookalike toy –
166- John from 5038, celebrity crush is Eva Mendes, bank,
167- dc from 7018, EFT, love to laugh and have fun..Comments-early alphabet , have already spent the money on dental bills
168- Nicole from 6753,celebrity crush is Nicholas Cage, Bank Deposit, Im Great!!!..Comments-One of the lucky or unlucky few living in 6753 to be stimulated everyone else earns to much
169- Eve Jackson from 2604,celebrity crush is Mitchell Johnson, ANZ EFT, Has a photo of me posing with Daniel Radcliffe as Courtney Walsh celebrating a wicket..Comments-Will now stimulate the English economy with her $900 as I am in Oxford on my Gap year.

April 29/4/09- Day Twenty Two
123- Deb from 2559,near the end,direct deposit, Comments-Checked the bank just 1 more time (payday also) to see that i got payed and was stimlated also. YYYYAAAA Can spend big now.
124- Jason from 2529,Late,Deposit,addicted to cooking in the nude (wow, that’s quite an affliction!)
125- Faye from 3250,Early,Bank deposit this morning,Luv mars bars with icecream. Comments-Partner still hasn’t got his. Both put in our tax together.
126- Stephanie from 2147,Late (worst surname in the world),bank deposit,Finds men who walk the streets of Baulkham Hills at night with a javelin scary (really? i find that hard to believe!) Comments-I’m going to against K-Rudd wishes and save the whole amount seeing as he made me wait this long… and should be picked as “the one” to go on reunion and wedding dates with “admin”…(if only you were serious!)
127- The Fat Kid From Hey Dad from 2250,Early,clapped my hands twice recited the alphabet backwards ran round the house naked and it apeared in my account, I have a disirder where I think im the fat kid from hey dad…Comments-Im going to fill the bathtub with coco pops and have a bath in them and eat my way out. <-–(This is my new favourite comment!)
128- Justin from 5032,Middle name,bank account,loves Gucci.Comments-i will spend my $900 on a new Gucci bag :)
129- Will- from 3141,Late,Direct deposit,is known to go by the name Joyce on occasion
130- Sharna from 3134, early ,direct deposit,i believe that good things come to those who wait!
131- Stacey from 3122,Late,bank deposit,I love Vegemite
132- Haz from 4350,Middle,Direct credit, Comments-Toowoomba – last for everything! (The Womb! I love the Womb!)
133- Jessica from 2000, middle last name,cheque,I actually love my job!!
134- Mona from 6112,B,Direct deposit,Love long walks on the beach Comments-Strange feeling to be stimulated by someone other than myself!
135- BJ from 2620,Very late,Direct Deposit,think the stimulus is a bad idea, but happy to have it anyway. Comments-Both my husband and I in one hit, woo hoo
136- Jing from 2113,late,Direct Deposit,
137- Bustament from 2605,A-E,bank deposit,sick to death of bogans. Comments-i don’t even live in australia any more, but i did my tax return in early july last year. getting doubly stimulated by another country, awesome
138- Renee from 2147, late last name,bank deposit,im going to disneyland for the 4th time with my money. Comments-My bf who has a joint bank account with me, lives with me and did tax at the same time did not recieve his. Or i didnt recieve mine. Not sure.
139- Rianna from 4350,middle,dd,is adicted to tattoos. Comments-Toowoomba is always last is so true!!
140- Tim from 3072,MIddle,Bank Deposit,Had multiple joygasms from K-Rudd stimulating him.Comments-I’m going to use the money to buy 452 big packets of maltesers – they’re on special for $1.99 at Safeway this week! I’m going to use them to make a collage of Delta Goodrim.
141- Zith from 3976, late name,tax agent,spent it before it came!
142- Adam- from 6030, late surname,Direct deposit

April 28/4/09- Day Twenty One

108- White Horse (Big Taylor Swift fan I guess?)- from 3012, early i guess,Direct Deposit,I can sleep wit random girls and not remeber their names. Comments-Thanks to Kev & tha way he stimulated me I now know that Rehab is out of tha Question!
109- Zoeee from 3030,Early to mid,Direct deposit,I like monkeys.Comments-Just got stimulated to krudd. I feel direy, but secretly like it.
110- D Bag from from 2607,Middle,DD,I bought plasma 4 yrs ago with my salary pay, unlike others :-) Comments-Canberra is starting to be stimulated at last!!!:-)DD today,no wonder it’s sunny for the first day in week and a half here! I wish all of you to get yours sooner, even if it’s 15 of May, you still wouldn’t feel as bad. (Thanks for the Marquee, it was a nice touch!!!)

This site is awesome!!!

111- Shane from 4216,Direct Deposit, Comments-About time :D. Was really doubting I was going to get it.
112- Lyn from 4078,Early and Late,bank deposit,Comments-My work colleagues got theirs over night
113- Shannan from from 4064,Middle,Direct credit,Has exhibionist neighbours.Comments-Wishes K Rudd would stop working public servants into the ground. Would happily trade $900 to go home on time. (Exhibitionists aye? anyone i know?!? No proof without pics!)
114- Jamie from 5113,Early,Bank Desposit,Is a mad as RANGA! Comments-Shout out to all the Vale Boys. Go the VALE!!!
115- Walter from from 2766,late Late name ,Bank EFT,Comments-Love Delta, but mutes the Volume on any video Clip. Was Here on this Site from Day 1, and am Happy to have contibuted some what! (Thanks Walter, hope you enjoy the money!!!)
116- Matty from 5113, Beginning, Direct Deposit,I have a chest infection at the moment :(
117- Sid from 3129,D,Bank deposit
118- Dealer from 6065,out of this world,bank transfer,hates delta goodrem likes ja rule
119- Simon from 3185,Middle name,cheque,spending my rudd money on booze and hookers!
120- J from 2302,mid range both,1 deposit, 1 cheque,brussel sprouts
121- Bella from 2617,middle,direct deposit,i’m from canberra but don’t work in the public service..Comments-my other half lives with me and doesn’t have his yet.
122- Cazza from 3429,R,bank deposit,Bigger balls than most men!!!!!!!!! Comments-Woo bloody hoo……………finally me and the hubby got it at the same time!!!!!!!!!! we’re in the money yabba dabba dooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

April 27/4/09- Day Twenty

101- Dani from 2165,late,Cheque,weirded out..Comments-am quite curious as to why i received cheque and not direct deposit but not complaining and my partner has not received it yet so maybe not all of 2165 receive yet.
102- Skeet and husband from 5251,A – K,In the Bank,Would love to live in a bubble. Comments-Feel a little dirty being stimulated by a man I have never met!!! (You and me both…does it feel good?)
103- Isaac from 2557, Early,Cheque, I like turtles! <<- Oh man, I love that video!!!
104- A from 6163, Middle ,Cheque
105- Lyn from 4074, middle,bank deposit,I am $900 richerfrom 4074,H,bank deposit,I am $900 richer!!!
106- Ben from 4122,All surnames,cheque in mail,spent it before i got it
107- Anthony from 4077,Middle,CHEQUE, Comments-At last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 24/4/09- Day Seventeen

84- Cassies parents- from 4551,early surname,i can tell the difference between spring water and normal lol. (You should go on Australia’s Got Talent, show that Boyle chick who’s boss!)
85- Samantha from 3023, late name, direct debit,Loves dunking timtams in coffee. Comments-Bank account was very stimulated this morning, both mine and husbands arrived together. Hope you all get yours. (Double stimulation!!!!)
86- Neil- from 2173,Late,depoait,In the market for a new BBQ ..Comments-Good times
87- Ryan from 4817,Early,direct deposit,I rock the Kashbah!..Comments-After checking every day it is in and I can use it to stimulate myself, family and friends.(That’s a lot of stimulation! Pace yourself Ryan!!)
88- Jamie from 4227,Early,Cheque,Certain fabrics make me yak Comments-Time to stimulate the tattoo industry!!
89- George’s mum and bro from 3028,Early range,they both got cheques,Mario Kart 64 champion! Comments-Still waitin for mine in the bank, but my mum and bro got theirs :/
90- Krystle from 5109,At the end,Bank Deposited,Spent it on termites : ( At least I kept it in my state! (Good work!We need more people like you!)
91- Jonathan from 2015,surname end,eft,I’m getting married in a month. Comments-this is the bezt website everzzzzzz. (you’re getting married, so is my brother…)
92- Travis from 2170,Early surname,Bank Deposit on Fri 24/04/09,In love with Jelena Dokic. Comments-Planning on offering Jelena Dokic the $900 to see her boobs haha <<<<<<<<—————-BEST COMMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
93- Anna’s flatmate from 5000,start,cheque,I don’t like carrots
94- Tyler Durden (LOLZ) from 2261,Durden,ETF, has a large penis. Comments-Getting an even bigger enlargment (Fight Club reference FTW!)
95- Rob from from 2069, Middle of the road name,Bank deposit, Comments-Who knew I would get a 21st gift from Rudd? Thanks! Now the problem is what do I spend it on.
96- Natalie from from 4305,late,bank transfer,loves cheese and honey on toast. Comments-YAY
97- Bronk from 3992,late name,mail, Comments-The cheques have been sent to accountants, where you got ur tax done last year. Go pick it up.
98- James from 4103,early,Direct Debit,still knows all the words to many backstreet boys songs
99- Melissa from 4218, Early, direct debit,
100- Chris from 4132, bank deposit!
April 23/4/09- Day Sixteen
65- Bianca from 4610,Surname range-early,direct deposit. My whole family got it..Same town. But my dog had surgery yesterday so my vet gets stimulate.
66-LLT from 3074,Surname range-early,direct deposit,utter nutter!
67-Renee from 4305, Surname range-mid, in bank, i really hate delta goodrem (like cant stand her)(I d0n’t think you are the only one!!)
68- Kevin from 2033, Surname range-Late alphabetic ,Bank Deposit,actually dreamt of getting the $900 the night before….creepy….. (Maybe that’s the secret! I’m so going to dream of rolling around in 18000 5 cent pieces tonight!)
69-Joanne from 4305, Surname range-late in the alphabet, bank deposit, i like all things apple…Comments-it came just – in – time…
70- Alex from 2017, Surname range-middlezzz ,bank deposit, Comments-I though I would receive it on May because I’m not registered in CentreLink. =P (Ouch!!! Harsh but fair..!)
71- CJ from 4075,Surname range-middle ,cheque,No Comment (no comment? maybe another stimulate ghost?)
72- Ann from 3135, Surname range-late ,direct deposit…Comments-Will be able to spoil my grandchildren a little bit more (awwwwwwww 😳 )
73- A+D from 2046,Surname range-Middle and Late,direct deposit,we are coming back as rockstars!!
74- Dan and Dan’s Wife from 6061,Surname range-late surname, Both by bank deposit, I have massive feet. Comments-Ninjas are cooler than pirates. (aint that the truth!!)
75- Darlene-from 2196, Surname range-Middle, Bank account,Loves my girlfriend Angel.
76-David from 2196, Surname range-early, bank deposit,  Spent it all on lsd and mushrooms the same day.
77-Gish from 3137, Surname range- Early! , EFT to Westpac,Got wierd looks when he loudly exclaimed in the office that he was “officially stimulated”Comments-Wooo!!!! Neenerrr Neee-neRRRRR! I gotz Mahh Monayyyys!!!(That’s the dream!!!!!)
78- Miranda from 6016,Surname range-Early ,bank deposit,I beat everyone in my office to it :p
79- Dazza from 3183,mid-late surname,by deposit,tissues sometimes make me squirm. Comments-Spent it already last week :-( , when’s the next?
80- Nickie from 4215,Late last name, Bank Deposit,Is scared of green doors (I think I know you! Stop egging my green door, seriously)
81- Jo from 5037,middle,direct deposit
82- Lilli from 2799,Early,EFT. Letter in mail today,Is it just me, or is Grey’s Anatomy getting boring?
83- S (oooh mysterious are you from Gossip Girl?!) from 3056,Late ,Direct Bank Deposit, claims to be an ewok…Comments-got $600…should i start a blowmy600 website then?

April 22/4/09- Day Fifteen
47- Denise  from 7011, Surname range-Middle, Bank Deposit, A Jon Stevens (Noiseworks) fan
Comments-Both people in our house received the $900 bonus today – hooorrrraaayyy!!! and it is my day off so I can go an do my bit for the economy.
48- Libby and Hubby from 4070, Surname range-start, depoist, recived it 2 months to the day of getting married!
49- Sam and Aaron from 2326,Surname range-Middle,Bank Transfer,Newlywed couple got they money on same day. YAY! (WTH?!? Maybe I need to get married, or maybe buy a bride, anyone keen?)
50- Kath from 4005 & 4179, Surname range-O & B, Bank Deposit, Got my money and have already spent it thanks to Kleenmaid!!
51- Ell from 4870, Surname range-middle, Bank Deposit, just rescued a kookaburra that flew into the house!! (true fact- kookaburra’s can smell fresh cash.)
52- Scott from 3550, Surname range-Early Surname , Cheque in Mail, Love the words Spasm and Rectum. (Hopefully not at the same time!?!!)
53- Drew from 4068, Surname range-Early, Bank Deposit, likes unicorns and long walks on the beach. (Who Doesn’t!!!)<—–Ladies Take Note…
54- Rob from 4119,Surname range-a-k, bank deposit, id go delta
55- Matt from 2710,Surname range-late ,Cheque in Mail, YAY so happy now!!
56- Aleks from 3810,Surname range-late last name ,Eftpos, I checked my bank account every couple of hours even on the weekends…YEAHHHHHHH
57- Nick- from 2287, Surname range-Late, Direct Deposit, I smell like cabbage <<<<—(carnie?)
58- Belinda from 2285,22/4/09,bank deposit (No more details given…maybe she’s a ghost?!?!)
59-Steve from 2761, Surname range-Mid Range, A small discrete morning deposit,I’m the worlds tallest midget
60- Kitten from 3056, Surname range-middle ,Bank deposit, I know karate!Comments-I got my stimulus package today and I’ve already spent $670 erasing my debts. I’m almost debt free – yeahhh!!
61- Peter- from 2097, Surname range-Middle ,Bank Transfer, i like lollies …. and chips …..mmmmm..
62- Clare from 2066, Surname range-Middle-ish, Direct Deposit, I now have $900!
63- Domenic from 5015, Surname range-early ,got it in the bank, loves the quit smoking ad with the kid cryin….
Comments-i have two different bank accounts. one with westpac and one with anz. i had been checkin the westpac one everyday and the anz every fortnight to make sure there is money in there for direct debit. to my horror. the bank account that got paid was the one i hardly check…i got paid two days ago…<— a real big banana (best stimulus story yet!!!!!!)
64- Matt from 3188, Surname range-middle ,direct deposit,love my girlfriend emily. Comments-everyone in the house got the stimulus this morning. (I think I know what you’re saying 😆 )
April 21/4/09–Day Fourteen
35-Mark from 4012, deposit- Unique Fact-Interaction is the key to life. Stop interacting and you stop living. Someone said I exist there for I am. To which is true but how would he knew he existed if he didn’t interact with the world to write that. From the simplest things like pen to paper. Keyboard to Website. If you shut yourself off from interaction you question your existance and I don’t blame you for seeing what you think is the end. The sooner people realise that no matter what we do wether socially acceptable or otherwise we need interaction. Just so long as everyone’s interactions doesn’t impede or infringe on another persons right to interact we will all get along and exist in a way we in which our freedom of choice was designed for…
36- Rod from 2161-” i love asian women – i have yellow fever”…”It is awesome to wake up and find $900.00 in there – I never thought it would ever happen! Hope those that haven’t get there’s soon!” (That’s the spirit…Rod!!)
37- Luke from 3000 had the stimulation deposited into his bank, and he wanted to let you all know, he is running late for work!
38- JRoc from 4012 has a foot fetish,and received it by DD.
39- Emma from from 2161,Surname range is early ,direct deposit, loved being stimulated by K-Rudd. wants him to do it again and again.
40- Jesse from from 5125,Surname range-end, direct DepositBank, wants to marry lily allen
41- Justin from 4220, Surname range-Late, he received stimulation in the bum *high pitch voice*. Going to buy 900 bucks worth of frills and lace, im gonna look WAY hotter than Delta Goodrem and Megan Fox if they were smashed together in the Large Hadron Collider under Sweaden LAWLS LAWLS LAWLS, messy. its 19 past 4 on the KRUDD clock
42- Rob from somewhere actually got it in cheque form today!! Nice.
43- Some guy from East Bentleigh, got his money and airbrushed a naked chick on his Kingswood’s bonnet. LOLz!
44- Migahh from 2484,Surname range-Early, Bank Deposit , used to sign into internet banking 15 times a day for stimulation! HA
45-S from 4179 ,Surname range-Middle,direct deposit, Got the letter to say i got the money, but didnt hit the account. Details are up to date! (oooh conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
46- Justin from 4034,Surname range-Late, Direct deposit , Likes to say the word Luxembourgh..”Best Birthday present I have had in years, even better that it came during my holidays.Now how many Smarties can you get with $900.00? Not sure but going to find out today.”

April 20/4/09–Day Thirteen

31-Megan from 3219 had her stimulation directly deposited and her favourite word is Sassafras.
32- Josh from 3082 had his money deposited,  has an eraly surname, and has already spent the money!
33-Mish from 3912, deposit..Unique Fact-The word “Grease Nipples” makes her giggle
34- H from 4014, deposit, dislikes ants (and that’s fair enough)

April 18/4/09–Day Eleven

28- Alicia + partner from Darwin got hers today via deposit–She now have obsessive-compulsive “check my bank” disorder.
29- Tim from 6012 had the moniez deposited and thinks he might buy the bikini jeans with the money!!Woo Hoo! Finally, this site has paid off!
30- Bec from 2754 got her money deposited today! Apparently there was no knitting involved, only great music! Also, she is better looking than Delta (at least when she is dreaming). (Cmon Bec…you can dream better than that!!)
31- Steve from 2176 also had the stimulation deposited today!! Is going to get a new exhaust for his car, and wants everyone to know he is NOT an emo!

April 17/4/09–Day Ten

20- Sanvir from Victoria, Late surname, Deposit, Did his tax return on the 3rd O July!
21- Jason from Queensland, Late Surname, Direct deposit, no comment
22- Lauren from The Gap, middle surname, direct deposit…SHE KNITS!! W00T!
23- Lauren’s Partner from The Gap, middle surname, direct deposit, is dating a knitter!!!
24-Ilyan from Skidney got the money direct deposited and also has a large teeth collection.
25- Josh is another lucky receiver from 3070, who had it bank deposited and LOVES Whitney Houston!! (Amen!!)
26- Paula from 3105 got hers deposited,  has a middle surname and loves to airbrush!! (who can blame her!!)
27- Jarrod from 2558 was deposited, middle surname and is now getting a totally 1337 comput0rz thanks to Krudd!

April 16/4/09–Day Nine

19-Scott from Campbelltown, Late surname, Deposit, This person has no unique facts about them!

April 15/4/09–Day Eight

17- Joel from Canberra, early surname,  direct deposit and apparently he has a yum lunch today
18-Darren- Sydney City, Deposit, Late surname, hates Delta Goodrem :(

April 14/4/09–Day Seven

11- A gentleman from Camden, late surname, bank deposit, likes frozen butter!
12- Delta Goodrem’s estranged Uncle,  name is a symbol (like Prince), received it by carrier pigeon, has peanut allergies and spent the money on drugs and cheap plastic ornaments from asian junk $2 stores. <<possibly fake!
13- Patrick from Victoria, middle surname, bank deposit.
14- Ray from the Central Coast, Early surname,
Bank account, spent it on car parts!
15- Marie from Melbourne, middle surname, bank deposit, she is  Lesbian, Black, Jewish, Conservative. Awesome!
16-Jay from Sydney’s West, Surname-Early, bank deposit, He has incontinence issues *pees*

April 13/4/09—Day Six —- Easter Monday

10- Josh from Perth, early-ish name, apparently received it in a dream, and claims to have been Delta Goodrem in a former life! He also wishes we was on Centrelink so he would’ve got the payment months ago!

April 10/4/09—Day Three  —-Good Friday! How cruel are you Rudd?! You can’t spend it today!!!!!!!!!!

4- Someone from Brisbane, last name H, submitted the same time as her sister and she didn’t get it!!
5- Ballarat, W last name, bank deposit, loves to eats peanuts!
6-NSW, late in alphabet, Bank deposit, big daughtrey fan!
7- Kate, NSW,  middle range surname, loves prince!
8-Kate’s mum (no joke), middle range surname, loves the song ‘My Sharona’…maybe she IS THE Sharona?!
9-Terrigal, Early Surname rage, Bank Deposit, actually CLAIMS TO BE Delta Goodrem!

April 9/4/09—Day Two

1-  Melissa from NSW, bank deposited, late alphabetical name, loves Delta Goodrem.
2- Ben- bank deposited, middle range surname,  did his tax return in October, also loves Delta Goodrem.
3- Lisa + 2 family members, Melbourne, early surname, 2 by deposit, 1 by cheque, the word carcass makes her laugh!!

Report your stimulation!!!!!!11!!!1!!1

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  1. My sister in-law got hers late lastnight, 4207 via Cheque…We live in the same postcode and nothing for me yet,

  2. My dad got his 900 and i haven’t got mine yet and we live in the same HOUSE hahahah

  3. is feeling stimulated ….! postcode 6330 😀

  4. still waiting for my grubby accountant to get it out of his trust account, at least someone is getting something from KEVIN747.

  5. 4036 arrived last Thursday! I was in hospital having baby number 3 so was cheering when I checked.

  6. Fiona, no, you won’t be receiving it.

  7. I have totally spoken to the ATO 3 times…1st time it was to change over my details. The second time it was to make sure they had been changed over and I spoke to an indian dude (no offence to anyone) who then put me on hold…wqas on hold for ages and then it just HUNG UP on me…***** wanker! Then i rang back and spoke to a lady who told me they hadnt chnaged over my details. Which meant I had to give my details AGAIN and once again they couldnt tell me when i would be getting my money. I know i wll be getting it, its just a matter of when :(

  8. I’m from one of the post codes that has received their stimulus, and I have family members who have received their money, so where the **** is my $900?

  9. yeh rang ato said cheque in the mail
    last years tax paid into bank
    wouldnt say why posted it
    thanks for this site
    pratten warwick qld 4370

  10. woot woot. Finally got my $900n on monday … 3156. thanks Kev

  11. Man i have been coming to this site since the found it (the day the payments started- 08th Apr)…and have seen many people come and go. Yet i am still here holding onto the little faith i have left. I believe i wont end up recieving it and that i will have to abuse them on saturday!

  12. Wait…thats if the hotline is open on saturday…Maybe ill abuse them next monday LOL

  13. Oh Mystery Person! I appreciate the support! I sure as heck hope that you get your money soon!

  14. Bloody BS, for me it got sent to the wrong account took 5 day to go back to ATO.

    A guy said he’;d send it back by EFT, I ring up yesterday and get a useless guy who didn’t want to do his job.

    Ring now and find out it’s getting sent by chuqe, so going to be a 2-3 week wait.

    As a Tax chuqe can’t be fast tracked and takes 10 days to clear banks will let you pay for a fast track but the ATO doesn’t allow it.

  15. Thanks admin :) I hope i get it soon tooooo .

  16. I just got mine today – FINALLY! My whole family got there’s in the first week and I have had to suffer until now. So excited right now! Typical though, me getting it just before the cut off date lol

    2780 here :)

  17. Just a follow up to correct my apalling spelling. *Their’s instead of there’s!

  18. 2155, the forgotten postcode so far…are they going to announce that it will take them another additional 6 weeks to roll all of these out?

    Only because there are a fair few postcodes that haven’t been paid yet…and there is about 17 hours left according to the info on here.

    I’ve got hooker debt to pay mr rudd, hooker debt.

  19. Thanks for the good post, I was hunting for specifics like this, going to look at the various other blog posts.

  20. Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

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