I was bored.


I got bored and added google adwords. I really want to see if google will recommend goats, tasers, clowns and strippers to people! Also, the Rudd banner changes every couple of days, if someone has always had a dream about a caricature of rudd with ear wax saying something hilarious, let me know! Leave a comment or somethingz! Also, a friend emailed Julie Owens MP about the site and she said she was going to pass it onto Wayne Swan (yes THE WAYNE SWAN)!

Finally, I think I really want to try and get the site onto Today Tonight! Surely they would have a 5 minute segment on it?! Well if you get bored and want to suggest to them….here’s the “Suggest a Story link”

Have an awesomez day!!


  1. Hi,

    You added Adsense, not Adwords! Adwords is customer end, and Adsense is what is displayed on site.

  2. See! Just goes to show how little I know about it! Are you some king of SEO expert?

  3. Today Tonight… it must run today so it can include a screen cap of the hookers and strippers. Plus, I would like to suggest a blowmy900 article on cocaine because what else are you going to give hookers and strippers? It’s a double up!


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