Important postcode news!


I have decided to post all of the postcodes that I have received over the past week on this page and on the Receivers page. I am also claiming that I have managed to work out the algorithm for the sending out of stimulus packages! LOLZER. Well it’s day 9 and I still haven’t got my money! My lame co-worker and my boss got their money today!! So not keen! I need some hope!!


  1. hey..i was told that the postcodes are chosen and that random names for that area were also chosen..which will explain why some have it and some dont..i seem to be one of the ones that DONT lol why every other ******* around me got theres last week and the week b4 lol i am sik of ringing the bank…and sik of watching my mailbox and my accountant is sure as hell sik of me ringing lol..tam..from tas…7270>>>>and waiting

  2. My daughter phoned ATO on Friday to find out they had posted her cheque to an address we lived in 3 years ago. They do get it wrong sometimes. So if you haven’t got it by now I would phone them to clarify your details. She now has to wait up to 3 weeks for the chq to be cancelled and the money to be put in to her account. Sucky

  3. 3138 I haven’t got mine yet. (and I’ve already spent it)

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