Know what your dog is saying!!!


ZOMG!! This has to be the greatest invention of all time! Today’s Blow My 900 special is the The Bow-lingual Canine Translator!!!Yes, that’s right, KNOW WHAT YOUR DOG IS SAYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now instead of wondering what’s on your dog’s mind you’ll be able to know which of 6 dog emotions it is feeling…• Sad• Frustrated• Alert to danger• Needy• Happy• Self-assertive ! Now it turns out that this product is currently sold out! It was $20 (US), so if and when it does come back into stock, you’ll be able to get yourself around 20 of these amazing contraptions!

Awesome computer generated dog-relayed sayings like – I’m ok- how are you,Please listen to me,Please take me out of here! and I’m on top of the world, could be resonating in your ears in no time at all!!

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