Lend it back to the Government!!

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I had an excellent email suggestion the other day…why not lend the money back to the government and make interest off it! From what I can gather the government sells bonds in order to help fund things like the Stimulus Package, so by buying them not only are you helping the government give $900 to someone else, but you make money off it!! Or it’s like giving the government $900 so they can give it back to you…with interest!!!
I attempted to make a flow chart to demonstrate this that ended BADLY. Instead I give you this amazing flow chart as seen on graphjam.com!


Looks like you can only buy in amounts of $1000 so you may have to swindle some money off a friend!

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  1. It’s Twoo. It’s twoo. Now that the Government is running a deficit (LULZ) these will come out again. From what I gather the dealio is you buy $1,000,000 bond for something like $980,000 and then in 90 days (or 120 or another time frame) they pay you the $1,000,000 back. That’s a clear win. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

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