Monumental Occasion

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So today I found out that the Rudd “government” plans to dole out the 2nd installment of its stimulus package. This will provide alot of Australians with $950, hence the reason for this website. This seems like a great idea right? And yeah you’re probably going to vote for them, despite issues such as the clean feed (which would probably shut this site down). So seeing as we are going to be loaded soon, I thought the Interweb needed a place to suggest rational and irrational ideas about how to spend your cash.

Today’s item is…. A Slushie Machine! That’s right! You may need to get 4 friends to go in with you, but for the low low price of $3519.09 you can get your own machine!!!


$950 x 4

One Comment

  1. I can’t believe they are that expensive!

    How do the carnies ever turn a profit?

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