NSW= Multiple Stimulationz! + the funniest blow my 900 comments!


So if you’re in NSW, chances are your probably got stimulated last night, I have like a bazillion people report that they got their money last night. So hooray for you. If you are worried about your money, why not give the ATO a call…I’m sure they would LOVE to hear from you!!!!!! 1300 686 636!!

Also I thought I would list some of my favourite blow my 900 comments/emails so far!

  • I have a disorder where I think im the fat kid from hey dad…Comments-Im going to fill the bathtub with coco pops and have a bath in them and eat my way out.
  • Jason- I’m addicted to cooking in the nude
  • Jonny- I like to draw dead cats:) Comments-i got my 900 today…wass sooo stimulated i drew 2 dead cats!
  • Dk likes to sneak up to unsuspecting pelicans and give them a hug..Comments-ninjas are everywhere
  • Travis is planning on offering Jelena Dokic the $900 to see her boobs
  • Delta Goodrem’s estranged Uncle,  name is a symbol (like Prince), received it by carrier pigeon, has peanut allergies and spent the money on drugs and cheap plastic ornaments from asian junk $2 stores.
NSW is encountering multiple stimulationszZZ!!!

NSW is encountering multiple stimulationszZZ!!!

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