January 5, 2012
by Kruddler!

Hello, yes this is dog. Original (in a way)

I spent most of last year laughing at this photo and then I thought…”How funny would it be if he was saying other things!!!!”. Then I realised that I couldn’t find an original picture.

  • Was this photo always like this?
  • Had it been hidden for fears of mass hysteria?
  • Is this an actual transcript of the first dog talking?

So I decided to edit the original to write funny things on it. But alas I discovered that it would be impossible to make it better, so I stopped. It won’t stop you though…

Here it is, a blank hello, yes this is dog!


December 18, 2011
by Kruddler!
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Just to clear this up, it’s not ‘Panties From Heaven’.

When watching Christmas films, as much as you want it to be…the song is never Panties From Heaven. It was much to my disappointment to be informed that it is called ‘Pennies From Heaven’. Also there are ZERO parody remakes!? Come on Internets, you have sorely let me down today.

Here’s the video…maybe you can just hear panties in your head. Yeah that’s right, you can HEAR panties now! What a glorious day!!!

November 8, 2011
by Kruddler!

Who will suffer most from the Australian carbon tax?

Julia Gillard and the Australian government claim to have thought about EVERYONE when devising the Australian Carbon, but have they? No they have not!

For example take Rod, also known as inanimate carbon Rod to his friends, will he be compensated?! Will he have money returned back to him by the government? He is being taxed for being himself, being inherently Australian!

Not only will he be taxed financially, he will be taxed emotionally as well. What is the Australian Government going to do when there are pickets outside his house with people complaining about how he’s caused their grocery bills to skyrocket!?

I remember a time when people would applaud the shameless actions of inanimate carbon Rods all over the world!

Shame on you for not thinking about Rod.

Australian carbon taxAustralian carbon tax

November 8, 2011
by Kruddler!

Dogs on the telephone!

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see something really funny ever again. Then dogs talking on phones come into my life and bring me more joy than any 1 man could imagine! It’s a dog answering a telephone! AND his name is Dog! Genius.
Dog using a telephone

Just when I thought it COULDN’T get any funnier….another dog is telling Dog that he has a phone call! Classic Dog!

Dog on the phone

July 14, 2011
by Kruddler!

I give you the Australian Paramore- Tonight Alive.

I was watching Channel V the other day and saw this band. This led me to the thought that Tonight Alive IS the Australian Paramore. I’m sure that they get it a lot. Pop punk band with female lead that has a quasi American accent. Embrace it. Plus the lead singer kind of looks like my friend’s little sister. That is all.

The Australian Paramore

Tonight Alive is the Australian Paramore

February 9, 2011
by Kruddler!

Parks and Recreation: Ron Swanson Is Ray Finkle!

I was watching Parks and Recreation that other day, just thinking about how amazing Ron Swanson truly was. Then I realised that I had seen him somewhere else before. Ron Swanson is the modern-day embodiment of Ray Finkle, the Miami Dolphin’s place kicker. I know this blows the Ace Ventura storyline WIDE open and it really makes no sense, but I’m telling you…they were at least seperated at birth! Maybe his name is Ray Swanson, and he changed his name so get away from the lime-light! Man…this really makes me want to write some Ace Ventura OR Parks and Recreation fan fiction! Am I right?! Are there people out there that make Parks and Recreation Fan Fiction!!!??! If you do, please let me know, that would AWESOMEZZZ.

Ron Swanson + Ray Finkle. Parks and Recreation

Swanson is Finkle! Finkle is Swanson! Swanson is THE man!