Parks and Recreation: Ron Swanson Is Ray Finkle!


I was watching Parks and Recreation that other day, just thinking about how amazing Ron Swanson truly was. Then I realised that I had seen him somewhere else before. Ron Swanson is the modern-day embodiment of Ray Finkle, the Miami Dolphin’s place kicker. I know this blows the Ace Ventura storyline WIDE open and it really makes no sense, but I’m telling you…they were at least seperated at birth! Maybe his name is Ray Swanson, and he changed his name so get away from the lime-light! Man…this really makes me want to write some Ace Ventura OR Parks and Recreation fan fiction! Am I right?! Are there people out there that make Parks and Recreation Fan Fiction!!!??! If you do, please let me know, that would AWESOMEZZZ.

Ron Swanson + Ray Finkle. Parks and Recreation

Swanson is Finkle! Finkle is Swanson! Swanson is THE man!

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