Part 3! Mentos + Coke + Today’s post= Awesome!!!


So. Over the last 2 days I have suggested that it would be possible to buy 685 litres of coke, 15,000 Mentos and a giant inflatable Coke bottle. I mean that’s good and all, but it’s like having Earth and Wind but without the Fire or the Snap, Crackle without the Pop.  Today I suggest that it would be possible to create the worlds largest mentos geyser! You would need some kind of base for the Coke bottle(perhaps a hole), duct tape, a huge PVC pipe, a funnel, some plastic (fast food restaurant tray), a rope, a 1980’s JVC VHS video camera and a youtube account. You will also need to find 2 friends willing to purchase the aforementioned Mentos and Coke, but I’m sure that’s the easy part. Think of the fame and fortune!
Click to check out this amazing monstrosity!
stimulus package $900
I’m still searching for the ultimate name, so if you have one let me know!!!!!!!!!
PS I take no resposibility for any activities or products I suggest on this site!!


  1. Black Gold! Texas caffeine…..
    Nice illustrated description of teh “Stimulator”

    Re: 1908’s JVC Video Camera.

    I had one of those! The same one from the Back to the Future movies :)

    “This is truly amazing, a portable television studio.”

  2. im likin the idea 😉 but have you seen this video?? its hilarious!!
    same thing but in PRANK form lulz =D

  3. Oh yeah!! I would give my $900 towards this, ….but i fear I have to spend it on the kids school fees instead…( my stupid breeding idea there goes my $900)

  4. We are seriously considering doing this!

    I have my engineer modify a suitable water tank, 700L of coke and 3000 Mentos.

    I cant find that it has ever been done…. can anyone tell me… HAS IT?


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