Payment Alerts.


I got one of those pop-up windows when I logged into internet banking today that was like…be notified when you receive your $900 stimulus package! So I’m like heck yes!  I added an email alert to let me know when I get $900 deposited into my account…I think you can even pay like 25c to be alerted by SMS!!!

Also if you wanna read day 3 of the Brian Pape Vs The world High Court transcript….here is the LINK!


  1. haha thats awesome. which bank was this. also you need to add the plugin that lets me subscribe to comments via email…

  2. It was St.George! It’s pretty crazy, everyone is getting on board! They were also like…while you are deciding what to spend it on, why not open a short term savings account!

    Also, I think I’ve added the plugin?!

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