Personal Protection!


I was thinking today, man I don’t feel very secure. Sure this may be to do with my own feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-esteem, but it also may be to do with the fact that I don’t have a taser.

Today’s suggestion for your Krudd Kash- Tasers! They are cheap and effective! These are two of my personal faves…

Mobile Phone Taser!Kuckle duster taser!
At only $70 US you could buy quite a few. They probably illegal in Australia, so this dream may not be all that possible. Sigh.


  1. In this time of uncertainty, I think security is very important. I hope you’re not joking.

  2. Really I’m not, I mean how can you joke around about knuckle dusters that are also a taser?!?

  3. My great Uncle Ted was stimulated to death by a knuckle duster taser.

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