Shameless Promoting for loved ones. A Nu Start.


Sometimes you end up promoting shamelessly for people that you know. My mate is setting up a Gold Coast personal training website and wanted me to try to get some customers through to him. I’m more of a bushwalking type of guy as opposed to Fitness Training. He’s always been into being fit and all that and has been running the business since 2004. He came to me the other day and said, “Hey, this Internets thing doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!?”.  It was then he decided for an online presence. He is usually on the fore-front of technology though. He celebrated this foray into cyberspace by buying a camera phone…yeah. FINGER ON THE PULSE.

He is also getting into Life Coaching on the Gold Coast. I mean, if I lived on the Gold Coast, I definitely wouldn’t need life coaching! At least he is doing it the right way and offering real-world applications for his fitness. I am particularly fond of his Hodor Fitness Plan. Apparently he is offering Fitness Dating sometime in the future? Wow! I really should’ve talked to him regarding this.

So if you believe in A Nu Start, check out A Nu Start Fitness.

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