Spend the $900 on something worthwhile.


Seriously Rudd take my money and give it to the people that have been affected by the fires and floods. I would gladly give up $900 that I may or may not get so that someone else can have something to eat and some clothes to wear.  Why should we be buying Xbox’s, slushie machines and tv’s when people don’t even have a house?! That’s the end of my one and only preachy post. Today alot of places are donating huge chunks of money to the bushfires, including Coles, who are donating ALL PROFITS FROM ALL STORES to the Bushfires. So maybe head out today and blow some cash at Coles, I mean sure Woolworths may be the better place to shop, but for tomorrow let’s put Supermarket preferences aside and do what’s right. If anyone knows of other places doing the same thing, could you let me know?

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