Squirrel Underpants.

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I know I know, you are like…Blow My 900 is usually so informative and the ONLY place you come to in order to know what to spend your $900 stimulus payment on!! But today, the staff around here decided that it should be a little “silly”, it is after all, so darn close to the “Stimulation Season”. So today we recommend…Squirrel Underpants!! Not only do we not have squirrels here, but I’ve met a few squirrels in my time but you would be hard pressed to catch one and then put garments on them. I guess you could put these underpants on a small dog/cat or perhaps a possum? But I’m sure you’ve had some annoying person say to you…soo….what are you going to spend your $900 stimulus package¬† money on?? Now you can excitedly reply with 80 pairs of¬† SQUIRREL UNDERPANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squirrel Underpants FTW

Squirrel Underpants FTW

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  1. No way! A team of ‘staff’ put this together?!

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