Start your own glamour photography business!


I was in an undisclosed NSW shopping centre the other day and passed one of those “Glamour Photography” stalls. It had a picture of an old lady with a sign that said…guess her age for a free picture! I put 134, but thats beside the point…I honestly think this would be a great way to spend your $900. In fact, all you need is a free image editor(, the gimp), a stall and some spruiking abilities. From the pictures that were plastered all over this stall I figure there are 3 steps needed…Step 1– Cut a hole in the box (lullz0r). Dress the person in some kid of 80’s cowboy outfit (with or without pants) and lie them on a sheepskin rug. Step 2– Take the photo and then apply the effects “Softener” and “Glow”. Step 3-Sell the photo for $50!


  1. If you get enough customers, and sell the photos for $50, you’ll make your $900 back in no time! Heck, this could be the solution to our economic woes! :0)

    “Yeah, I took her to the mall to get some glamour shots for her birthday one year.”

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