Stimulation Season Day 2: The First Recipient!!


I just got an email from someone who got their $900.  Congrats Melissa!! She was stimulated via her bank account and she is late in the alphabet…so it ain’t by name order, thankfully! I can stop hating my parents for having the last name Zypper! haha

There is hope after all!!

NEWS— Second recipient reported! We are on a roll people!!!


  1. How did they verify it?

  2. They sent me an animated gif of themselves being showered in 180 $5 notes.

  3. Hmmm…..That doesn’t prove they got the money from the government…

  4. Only a few more weeks then till i’ll get my sweet stimulation cheque in the mail. Sometimes i really wish i wasn’t so fond of recieving mail and so anti-21st century technology. Congrats to Melissa btw!

  5. I heard they are distributing the payments by postcode. Don’t know how true this is though

  6. Notice how the scum of society got stimulated late last year on time! Yet the taxpayer must wait and wait

  7. Rod – …”scum of society”…..please explain?

  8. I need this $900, am not willing to join the queue at centrelink. Post 2766 (residential) bank (2015). In the “half” word of B.R.O.S…when will I, will I, receive it….i can’t answer…I can’t answer that….can someone, answer it?

  9. “I need this $900, am not willing to join the queue at centrelink. Post 2766 (residential) bank (2015). In the “half” word of B.R.O.S…when will I, will I, receive it….i can’t answer…I can’t answer that….can someone, answer it?”

    ummmmmmm what?

  10. Jake, you know BROS the old group that sang…”when Will I Be Famous” well I just add lib’d. As for The Distribution of the Stimulus it was said they were going to randomly choose Post Codes…well which Post Code, that of where you reside or that of your Bank Account where you normally receive EFT’s for the past how many years now…?

  11. Thats an interesting thought Walter, all I was told by the ATO was that it was being done by randomly generated postcodes, what I didnt think to ask at the time was whether it was residential or where your account is located.

  12. At the rate that they seem to be arriving they may mean that the last payments will be made in May of 2010. Looks like the ATO is still working at its high speed pace (not)

  13. A friend of mine who is a student and works has received both of her payments! Her 950 for been a student came about three weeks ago.

  14. Hey Rod,this scum of society worked until january 08.My wife had a major stroke so this scum had to become a full time carer.The payment i received in december 08 went on disabled equipment.So don’t put all pensioners in your little basket you “scum”

  15. We need to start finding out everyone’s postcodes it would be your registered address for your tax. Mine 3910 please please please bring me money ATO please

  16. I received my money today, in my bank account, and I am in the NT (0830). Somebody else I know got theirs today….0852. I thought I would receive mine sooner as I did my tax return on day 1 of the new tax year. Anyway…yeehar.

  17. I am still waiting for mine too and I am at Postcode 4022 QLD

  18. Still no money in sight. I am becoming a sad individual who checks my account twice a day, at the start it was only once a day.

  19. You gotta get the notifications set up on your bank account!! I’m with St George and you can enable email notifications when you get money. I’ve set mine to email me when I get the $900! It saves me checking 1000 times a day!

  20. Do they only put the money into bank accounts once a day or are people receiving there’s randomly through the day?

    If I knew the answer to that I would only check my account once a day…at the moment I have bank account checking OCD.

  21. it will only be deposited in the morning so checking it throughout the day is silly and a waste of time

  22. Well thanks for that information Sharna, and for noting that I am silly and wasting my time.

  23. it is cos it takes overnight for payments to clear….. and usually with commonwealth they will clear by 3am the next day.

  24. well somebody has stayed up late checking there bank account every hour….not mentioning any names…..sharna

  25. I have now set up notifications on one of my accounts I can’t remember which account is registered at least one is covered the other one doesn’t have that service. Oh well

  26. nope i know this as a friend works for the commonwealth bank!

  27. wakas cracas be pateint and stop wining i dont have mine and i dont care i get it next week ,i know a few little birdies who are friendly enough to tell me the system lol lol i get mine next week 100% as for every one else u will have to wait and find out the hard way waiting not knowing lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA

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