Stimulus News- A “stimulus leak” from inside the ATO!


Thanks to MB, we have a link to a article “ATO insider on the tax bonus payments timetable“. This outlies all kinds of crazy info from an ATO employee (apparently). Anyways, the main points are…

1. A bungle has meant some payments have gone to the wrong place;
2. ”Thousands of people” have incorrect details with the ATO and could be missing out;
3. He claims the ATO isn’t keeping track of calls to the hotline from people asking what’s going on;
4. He reckons people have had PLENTY of time to get their act together and should really stop complaining.

Who knows what it means, if it’s real or what, but I thought I would post it!

Day 16 and still no stimulation!


  1. how does my husbnds nd my daughters payment get paid into their bank ccounts but I haven’t seen mine yet

  2. no 900 yet still waiting I know 3806, 3197 qnd rowville and Hampton Park vic have received theirs I think I will be waiting until the 15/05

  3. My post code hasnt even been hit yet, and I know my details are right with the ato, so im not fussed, just hope it turns up before I have to drive back down the damn east coast for uni :(

  4. has anyone got theres who lodged late?

  5. after april?i lodged about april 18 and got return on 30th but no $900??????

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