Stimulus package payments officially start being received on the 8th!


So the $900 stimulus packages start hitting you on Wednesday! According to the ATO…..“The 7.4 million people who have already lodged their 2007-08 tax return will start receiving their payments from Wednesday 8 April 2009.” Could this be the greatest hump day of all time?! I went to JB Hi-Fi today and let me tell you, it was hard trying to stop the stimulation from seeping out!

Just a note- I am adding all the postcodes that people report to me. You can see them to the right or on the Receivers Page!!


  1. K.rudd-your a complete F%&k wit! ppl come on here to express their thoughts and you slam them with your PATHETIC statements that you know nothing about. get a life and let ppl say what they want because its obvious you feel the need to!

  2. hahaahah suck **** to all the people that have not got there payments yet, ******* SUCK ******* ****

  3. i need to be re-stimulated im out of jellybeans and jelly babies im down to choc drops now

  4. woot woot i knew id be one of the last people this money would roll out to got it today

  5. still waiting to be stimulated……

  6. You do realise that the fiat money you are going to get from this cheque is borrowed and will have to be paid back? By you? Did you notice it comes straight from the Reserve Bank which is a privately owned for-profit corporation? Did you know they cannot be audited and have the power to make money from thin air?You know they charge 20% interest on that invented $900? How long is it going to take to pay back? 5 years? That’s $2.5k, 10 years is $5.5k, 15 is $14k. Deposit / Cash that cheque and you are only putting us further into debt and force us into more and higher taxes to recover it. I burned mine.

  7. u burned yours!!!, can u please tell us your net anual income because i think it would be a little higher than the rest of us. the reason were gettinng the money is because of finantual pressure NOW!!!! sure were going into debt for this bonus but we would be critisising the government if they didnt help us through this ecenomic crisis.

  8. My income is about 95k/annum. I pay like $600/week in tax, what a joke. IMO, handouts are a super bad idea and waste of time. It can only make our situation worse. So, the govts solution to the crisis created by debt is to get into LOTS more debt? Huh? They just want people to be dependent on them so they can do as they please. The ONLY way out of our problems is to get rid of the FEDRES and start managing our currency ourselves. We did before 1930, then we got the FEDRES and went bankrupt 3 years later (after they took all the gold to cover the debt). They own us all and everything in the country, its the same around the world. Anywhere with a Central Bank is pretty well ******.

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