Stimulus Package Suggestion- $900 worth of Filet-O-Fish!


Well seeing as it is Good Friday, I figured it was totally appropriate that I suggested Filet-O-Fish! I have been thinking about them for so long now and I haven’t had a good reason to suggest them. But today! Oh today is perfect! A lot has changed since I donned the green-striped shirt, clip-on tie, visor, grease soaked skin and lack of dignity, so I think a Filet-O-Fish would probably go for about $3 in today’s economic climate!And well Maccas is one of the only places open today, which is lucky for me seeing as I forgot to do shopping this week. So if you’ve already got your $900…you could shout 300 people a Filet-O-Fish, and kick off Easter the right way! Also, we used to sell them for breakfast too, so if you’re feeling game…get a Filet-O-Fish instead of your hotcakes tomorrow!!! MMM fish!

click to enlarge!

A quad filet-o-fish!!

A quad filet-o-fish!!


  1. thats not spending easter the right way
    your fattening the nation

  2. Cheeseburgers are bettermore cost effective!

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