Stimulus Package Suggestion- A Laserdisc Player


I love redundant technologies! It is quite common to see me rollerblading along the beach with my Sony mini-disc listening to TaxiRide and thinking about how much I love Fags . So now I recommend that you purchase a laser disc player with your $900 stimulus package. A mate of mine has one, and tbh it is like 12-13x better than blu-ray, no lie. If you have never experienced laserdisc, it’s pretty safe to say that you have never experienced life to its fullest!

Stimulus Package= LaserDisc!

Stimulus Package= LaserDisc!


  1. I have a laserdisc player. Most people will need a step down transformer as half of the ones you’ll find are American or Japanese and run on 110V-120V. They only cost a few hundred for a good one….

    The format never sold much in Australia (Except for Rich people……or people from the US who brought them over)

    Don’t buy them from Cash Converters! I hade them test 2 and both of them had shot motors and were really banged up!!

    With out Laserdisc DVD wouldn’t have existied and many of the first Anime titles translated into English were from Laserdiscs!! e.g. Anything ADV first produced!

    Most movies older than DVD’s will generally be ported over from LD rather than VHS because of the quality to DVD.

  2. This is only half an awesome suggestion. You NEED a Laserdisc player but you also NEED a copy of Ron Howard’s Apollo 13. That movie was made for laserdisc!

  3. Oh man!

    I love my LD player, Pioneer Elite, double sided play digital optical outs :)

    And yes, I have a DTS Apollo 13 Laserdisc! :)


    Great suggestion.

  4. And minidisc to … the sony mzRH1 is the shiznit!…

    Gotta love outdated (but still functional) technologies!

  5. Mines a Pioneer CLD-V880 (Made in 1998!) Has AC3 support, Plays Double sided discs, CD-G and Laser Karaoke support with scoring (Don’t have any discs to test this feature with!)

    Hooked up my Logitech remote to it (Don’t have the original one) and my AWA DR711 DVD recorder (It can record NTSC INPUTS which most DVD recorders can’t!)

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