Stimulus Packages start coming next week! The stimulus season is nearly upon us!


The ATO have released a statement saying that the $900 stimulus payment will start rolling out next week and will will take up to 6 weeks for all of them to be delivered! I’m not sure whether direct deposit people will get it first or how it all works, but we will keep you posted! Also- Let us know when you receive your stimulus package so we can help spread the stimulation to those who haven’t been fully stimulated yet!

I really hope these things aren’t sent out in alphabetical order, cause I’m totally screwed…


  1. I got told by a friend who is a fully qualified, power suit wearing, big fringe and pony tail sporting, pencil pushing accountant that it will probably come out in order of tax file number.

    You heard it here first folks!

  2. The word is that it will happen in order of date 2008 return submitted/completed by ATO for those being paid by direct deposit and for cheques by postcode – don’t know if this is gossip or fact :( anyways someone should receive something somewhere in Australia or in prison or in a graveyard starting Wednesday 8 April 2009

  3. The word is that it is in Alpabetical order of the town you live in I know people from ashmore who recieved their stimulus the first week, and their last name starts with S and they put their return in later than most. I also know people from Brighton, Bulimba they recieved theirs in week2 and also people in Crestmead who recieved theirs on Thursday just gone, if this is the case and they are only up to towns beginning with C it appears as though it is going to take longer than 6 weeks to get it out week 2 and still only up to Crestmead, god knows when the people who live at Zillmere will get theris.

  4. i have friends in Yatala that received theirs already so that doesnt really work with the theory of town names

  5. Still haven’t gotten mine, but my postcode is on your list and my name is alphabetical middle-ish the same as the person listed on your receivers page.

    This sucks man. The postcode thing is obviously a load of BS

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