Stimulus Suggestion: $900 worth of hot chips


So I had an email the other day from someone that said….’I’ve always wondered what $900 worth of hot chips would like, now I have that opportunity’. I couldn’t agree more. Back in the day $2 worth of chips used to be enough. Now you go to fish and chip shop and you have to order a “small chips” for $3.50. WTH? I miss the good old days. Anyways, THEN I came across the Hot Chip Vending Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 This is an Australian company that sell a vending machine that spits out hot chips in under 2 minutes! Amazing!


  1. LOL these things are so full of win. I have one lined up with all the other vending machines outside my work. They don’t have the uber awesome taste of fish and chip shop chips but they do satisfy that hankering for hot chips on a chilly day.

  2. Dear Sir\Madam

    i would like to know the price of this vending machine, i live in Holland.

    Greeting Nelly.

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