Stimulus Suggestion: A date for my brother’s wedding.


This is the second part to “My Brother is Getting Married” posts…and well to my loyal followers, I know what you are thinking…this is TOTALLY like your ‘A date for your 10 year high school reunion‘ post…and you’re probably right. But this is a more pressing matter. I have til like September to find a date for my 10 year reunion, actually I could probably even find a date I didn’t have to pay for (take that Sarah Gillespie!). So I’m thinking that the wedding is in 1 month, so I should be able to ‘arrange’ a date by then. It’s in Sydney, so if anyone is keen for a good time, let me know. I’m not sure whether I’d be all that excited to “pay” you per-se, but I could buy you a dress, corsage, and a dr pepper. This isn’t a joke. Plz leave a comment.
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  1. Sure – I’ll be your date………….

  2. Can I suggest searching the Ukraine!

  3. Hey – I’m up for a wedding! What age group are you looking for?

  4. Hey….stumbled across this post….still in need of a date? What’s the criteria? 😛

  5. Why take a stranger when you can take me instead (“Biggest call of my life”)…

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