Stimulus Suggestion: A Fancy new Suit.


This is part 3 of “My Brother is Getting Married” and I’m thinking that my $900 would be best spent on an amazing suit for his wedding. Not some fancy shmancy DKNY or Dolce and Gabana suit but a LazyPatch duvet suit of course!!!!! They are only $110 delivered(!!!!) for a full suit , so you get yourself EIGHT of them!!! That’s one for each day and a spare for washing day, or a special occaision- like my brother’s wedding!!!  Here are some reasons why the are awesome (according to the site)-

  • No need to get out from under the quilt while leaving the couch (great for those quick toilet breaks!)
  • Pretend you’re in the opening snow scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Watch the video…it’s amazing.


  1. I’ve been stimulated! Thanks KRudd! Now I can go on that honeymoon!!!1!!11!!!

  2. you should really throw your brother a really fantastic bucks party! hire one of them casino boats so we can all come along and blow our $900!!

  3. im thinkin of geting that suit..that and ugg boots….now thats aussie

  4. you ought to get sponsorship from lazypatch for posting that. everyone’s going to spend their money on one of those now. i just got mine today and i’m already at the order page…

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