Stimulus Suggestion: A whole chicken in a can!


This was brought to my attention a matter of minutes ago, and I deemed it so important that I am posting its amazingness RIGHT NOW!! This wonderful Friday afternoon I propose that you spend your $900 stimulus money on CHICKEN IN A CAN!!!!! This is not a joke people! This ain’t Seaworld…this is real as it gets!!! Check out the site and according to the person who sent it to me the pictures, “are gross…and cannot be unseen!”. I believe every word of that. What scares me more…is that it is all legit, you can buy a 6-pack of Chicken in a Can from Amazon for $49.99 (US). WOW.


  1. Who can? Chicken in a can can!

    If I was making an ad I would see how many double entendres i could fit into 30 seconds.

    It would most definitely include the can-can as a musical piece.
    Perhaps all these people would do the dance while wearing giant chicken in a can cans.

    Then again, it basically sells itself.

  2. The can-can as an advertorial musical number would be sensational. I can’t wait to see the infomercial at 2am.
    Is it bad that having seen this I stopped at Woolies on the way home from work and bought a BBQ chicken that was definitely not in a can? I keep trying to justify it to myself while not throwing up on my keyboard.

  3. that is totally gross!!

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