Stimulus Suggestion- Celebrate in Style!


Seeing as today marks the first day of the Stimulus Season…I think people should use that money and celebrate good times (COME ON!!). Even Snoop Dogg knew it when he said…

“I got the rolly on my arm and I’m pouring Chandon…”

So today, why not get yourself a bottle of Moet & Chandon!! $75, not bad! And with the left over money, you could get a vintage Rolex off Ebay for like $600!!


  1. I’ve noticed there is no-one on the ‘Lucky Ones’ page yet… does this mean no-one has as yet been stimulated? I certainly haven’t… and I’ve checked my bank balance, like, 35 times today.

  2. You need to get your bank account rigged with email notifications!!! I have mine set-up to email me when I get $900 deposited. I think you can get SMS too, but that costs a few bucks…

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