Stimulus Suggestion- Chocolate covered potato chips!


Ok, so I got an email today saying that Aldi was selling chocolate covered potato chips.  To be honest, these are two of my favourite things. I mean if Zooey Deschanel made me a spearmint milkshake, that would probably be the best, but I will settle for chocolate chips! I cannot substantiate the claims that these exist, but if they did, I couldn’t think of anything better to spend me money on! Also, if anyone shops at Aldi, could you please confirm that these (what I have deemed)  leprechauns of the junk food world actually exist! HOLD THE PRESS— The original emailer (Kathryn) went out and took a photo for me!!!!1! Amazing!

chocolate chips from Aldi!!!!

chocolate chips from Aldi!!!!


  1. I have witnessed and eaten these very chips.

    Obviously not the very ones in the picture, but some similar ones from ALDI.

    Forced to shop at ALDI due to lack of stimulation.

  2. I am amazed!!! I saw these online ages ago!! Chocolate chips the thought makes me so very excited!!!!!!! More than ever before!!!

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  4. So I took the advice of blowmy900 and went out and purchased some of these chips today, and wow talk about amazing! It was like experiencing the stimulation from KRUDD all over again. thankyou kathryn for suggesting these and introducing chocolate potato chips into my world.

  5. I thought you were going to report the stimulation of 4810 Palm Island…. Whats the go???

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